High Quality Portable Seating

For the highest quality portable folding chairs that will last year after year, look no further than Clarin by Hussey SeatingTM. For over 80 years, Hussey has been perfecting their folding chair design to ensure it outperforms expectations. From economical all steel folding chairs to plush, luxurious upholstered folding chairs, there’s a model to fit your facility’s needs. And with options and upgrades like wider seats, tablet arms, cup holder arms, wood grain trim, custom logos and your choice of upholstery, it’s easy to customize your chair for your exact needs.

From plush foams and upholsteries to simple, all steel designs, there’s a folding chair to fit your seating wants and needs. If your goal is special seating sections for VIP guests where comfort and style are top priorities, the Premium Series will offer the luxury you’re looking for. When high capacity row seating is on your mind, the 4000 Series with an uplift seat is just the ticket. And when you want logo seating for your team bench, you might look to the 3000 Series. No matter your portable seating need, we’ve got a folding chair model that fits the bill.

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