Carroll Seating is dedicated to making sure that every product we install from bleachers, to basketball goals, to divider curtains are safe and performs like it did when first installed. To do so we offer service on all bleachers and equipment.

What is Service?

Having your bleachers or athletic equipment serviced involves a variety of things. A certified technician will be on site and will perform several safety measures to make sure that everything we touch in your gymnasium and auditorium is SAFE. Also, having your bleachers and equipment serviced will allow it to last longer which means to you that you will not have to worry about making major replacements nearly as often.
We recommend that you have a service or inspection performed on all seating and equipment annually to assure safe working conditions for a longer duration. Feel free to contact the Service and Repair department to learn more.


We know that sometimes things happen to your equipment. Whether it’s mishandling, abuse, or just normal wear and tear, it is our mission to be of assistance when things go wrong. A way that we are able to help when you are in need is to have several hundred different parts in stock in our warehouse. This allows us to be able to get you the parts sooner, and installed quickly. We also have certified factory technicians available to assess any damages as well as assistance for you.

Safety Straps

For all equipment that is suspended from the ceiling of your gymnasium we recommend that safety straps would be installed. Please see the brochure for more information on this product.

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