Caregivers, and those who assist and support the caregivers in hospitals and healthcare institutions (facilities departments and engineering departments), are under constant pressure from regulators to create the optimum safe environment for both patient and staff.  A facility’s choice in seating is no different, and believe it or not, a healthcare facility might easily get cited for choosing the wrong seating.  This was the topic of an actual conversation a member of our sales team had with a long-time client who is a director of a major medical center in the Chicagoland area.
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Healthcare inspectors are concerned with clutter in hospital hallways and other areas that must be kept accessible to fire alarms, medical gas alarms, emergency shut-off valves, and patient hook-ups in case of emergency and for the safety of caregivers and patients. 

Violations by the accrediting agency (like The Joint Commission, for instance) or the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) [a state or local department of health]) can be issued for one small oversight, often because NFPA and the “Environment of Care” (in the case of TJC) can be interpreted differently. 

There has been a focus on reducing obstacles to these critical areas of care in healthcare institutions.  A major concern is chairs used by hospital staff. Our line of Clarin by Hussey fixed seating offers a great solution to this regulation. Anchored to the floor, our nurse’s station, will not interfere with those critical areas, or other staff performing their duties.

Is it comfortable?
ABSOLUTELY!  Clarin offers a variety of seats, backs, adjustable swivels to make it even more comfortable than any standard office chair you may purchase.  It comes in a variety of colors, and will accommodate almost any individual’s size. 

Is it durable?
You bet.  Clarin has one of the most extensive warranties in the industry with 12 years on structural components and 5 years on moving components. 

Is it versatile?
Of course!  You can design your chairs any way you like by picking the way it’s anchored, how much mobility you require, the colors and types of surfaces you prefer.  There are endless varieties of plastic, upholstery, and fabric options to integrate fully in to your space, while still maintaining a high morale among staff for its comfort and versatility.

Is it expensive?
The longevity and durability of this seating will outlast a typical desk chair.  They are built for 24/7 use, and once installed, you won’t have to worry about it again.  However, if there’s some change or adjustment you like, Carroll Seating Company will always be there to service you.  That’s part of the trick of being in business for 63 years.