In many areas, bleacher systems are nothing short of an absolute must. From school gyms to venues that may need extensive seating with serious flexibility, bleachers often offer the best possible seating at the lowest possible the cost. The problem? They can also be a serious space constraint. Enter recessed bleachers. They offer all of the seating capabilities without the space issue. Read more about the benefits of recessed bleachers.

 What Are They?

Recessed bleachers are those that can be folded so they occupy very little space when they’re not in use. Typically, they sit back against a gym or venue wall, and then they’re only pulled out on an as-needed basis. They aren’t light on options, though. You can add center aisle hand rails, intermediate aisle steps, power systems, and more to these space saving choices.

Making the Right Choice

Not sure recessed bleachers are right for you? It can be difficult to decide on the ideal system. There are other options to choose from, too. Whether you go with a mobile bleacher system that can be toted from space to space or a more traditional fixed bleacher system, you’re likely to find at least one seating solution to meet your needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to look far to get the help you need.

At Carroll Seating Company, we can provide you with recessed gym bleachers and many other bleacher options. As soon as you call, you’ll be paired with an individual project manager who will help you get to know the benefits of recessed bleachers and a little more about your other options. We’ll also work to get to know your space so we can help you make the best possible bleacher decision.

To learn more about recessed school bleachers or our other options, take a moment to contact us today.