What sets your gym apart from every other one in the nation? What makes your games so much better to attend? Besides the teams on the floor, the single best thing that can distinguish your gym from every other is the quality of your seating, and if you’re like most facilities these days, you simply can’t invest in a fixed seating solution. It wastes far too much valuable space that you could be using routinely for other things when there isn’t a game. Is there a better solution? Absolutely. Our custom telescoping gym bleachers are the only way to go.

Telescoping bleacherYour Choices, Your Style
There are lots of telescoping gym seating options on the market today, but the biggest problem is that many of them are prefabricated. Essentially, they’ve been built to someone else’s specs. The builders don’t know your gym. They don’t know what you need. In most cases, they’ve never even heard of your facility. Custom options, though, mean a much better choice. They can be customized to fit your gym, no matter what the size. What’s more, though, is that you can even go with easily configurable options like Flex-Row that can provide ADA solutions for your entire audience. You could even create integrated team seating, customize it with your school colors or lettering, or even add a media platform if necessary. The options with customization are endless, but your choices stop at one place – Carroll Seating Company.

Why Move Forward With Us?
For generations, Carroll Seating Company has been working with facilities just like yours on custom-tailored solutions that truly reflect your needs. When you choose us, you get a dedicated project manager who will work with you from that first time you contact us through to the end of installation. When it’s time for a bit of maintenance, you simply call us again. We’re right here for you now, and we plan to be well into the future.

You have the chance to make your gym shine like no other with custom telescoping gym seating, and we can help. Give us a call today to learn how.