The demands on student housing are getting more complex by the year. Whether on the campus of a boarding school, a college, or a university, student housing has to be virtually amazing to even begin to rank among the best. If you’re like many campuses, you’re probably wondering what you can do to amp up your offerings. Let us help.

The Experienced Choice

Carroll Seating Company has been working with campuses like yours for decades, creating  architecturally stunning casework in a variety of different settings that helps define a space. From design to installation, we meet the needs of our clients again and again. When you contact us, you’ll work one on one with your personal project manager to ensure your dorms are not only completed in time for the students to start the fall term, but also to help make certain you’re getting the stunning design you wanted from the outset. With the right materials at the right price, there simply is no better choice than Carroll Seating Company for your dorm casework.

A Few Options to Consider 

As you think toward that new dorm update, there are a few things you might want to include for your students to enjoy this fall.

  • Comfortable Lounge Spaces – These always rank well with students, as they don’t just want the spaces where they sleep to be great, but they want the spaces where downtime happens most to be plentiful and ready to serve. Consider incorporating a few of these on every floor.
  • Reading Rooms – Few schools would be complete without excellent places to study, and incorporating soundproofed reading rooms that allow students to get at least a little studying done on campus is an absolute must.
  • In Room Shelving – Students have lots of stuff to store, so consider building in a variety of shelving options. From cubbies that fit just under beds to shelves around the beds and closets, the more space you can include, the better students will feel about staying in your dorms.

To learn more about how we can help your student housing go from blah to tweeted about regularly, contact us today. We’ll get that wow factor you’re looking for from your students. Call us today at 816-471-2929 or visit us online today.