How to Revitalize Your Cafeteria With New Seating

School cafeteria seating

Cafeterias are very important in schools, since students have to visit the area each day to purchase and eat lunch. However, if your students do not like to eat in your cafeteria, it may be because the space feels bland and drab. Plus, hard and awkward seating and tables can seriously impact the comfort of lunchtime. Here are a few ways you can revitalize your cafeteria seating to improve your students’ experience.

1: Invest in Café Tables for Students on the Go

Not all students like to sit and eat their lunches at traditional cafeteria tables. It can be a hassle for a student running to a lunch meeting to have to sit and scarf down their lunch – plus, finding extra seating during lunch hour can be a pain depending on your school population. Consider investing in a few standing café tables for students on the go – they provide a stylish, less formal way for students to eat lunch or breakfast before heading to class or extracurricular activities.

2: Bump Up the Style with Booths

Drab cafeteria tables are not very appetizing to students. If you want to impress your students with a new cafeteria layout and make lunchtime more fun and inviting, consider investing in a few dining booths for added comfort and style. You can choose traditional restaurant-style booths with tables in the middle of your cafeteria, or mix and match cushioned benches with tables and chairs for a food-court feel.

3: Customize the Table Exteriors and Chair Covers

Bump up the school spirit by incorporating your school colors or logos onto your tables. You add a touch of customization to your school cafeteria while keeping your traditional tables and style. If you want to add additional customization to your cafeteria layout, consider doing the same to your chairs or chair covers.

4: Mix and Match Table Styles

A uniform cafeteria is not always the most stylish one. It can make your cafeteria feel more like a mess hall than a place for students to gather. An easy way to amp up the style factor of your cafeteria is to mix and match different table styles. Incorporate long tables in some areas of the room, square tables in others, and maybe a few café tables on the outskirts. Consider matching different styles of chairs to different styles of tables for an extra wow factor, and use your school colors as your color scheme.

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