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Athletic locker rooms at your school, particularly the lockers themselves, usually go through plenty of wear and tear due to rigorous use by the students and athletes. Multiple problems arise in athletic lockers and the rooms that hold them, such as the growth of bacteria and damages from rough handling. In order to prevent these issues, you should stay proactive when maintaining the integrity of athletic locker rooms.

Proper Ventilation

One of the most common issues in athletic locker rooms is the presence of bacteria. The enclosed conditions of lockers, humidity, and sharing of hygiene items encourages the cultivation of dangerous germs, which may lead to diseases such as the flu and athlete’s foot. The most effective method of preventing bacteria involves proper ventilation, which decreases the moisture that allows these organisms to thrive. Modern athletic lockers have designs that promote better airflow.

Maintenance of Lockers

The lockers are the key part in keeping the overall athletic locker room in great shape. Athletic lockers are the most vulnerable targets for bacteria for numerous reasons, including ideal growing conditions, spread of humidity, and contact with germ-filled items. Maintain the quality of the athletic lockers by performing the following:

Cleaning. Wipe the lockers with a wet cloth on a monthly basis, and a wax-based veneer every quarter. Basic cleaning can extend the lifetime of even the strongest of metal lockers.

Lubrication. If the athletic lockers are used daily, you should check on the locks and hinges, and lubricate as needed. This ensures that the lockers work properly.

Repairs. Dents and scratches can compromise even metal lockers if left unattended. If you find any damage, arrange for a repair session with a qualified repair person. You can also cover shallow scratches in athletic lockers with spot painting.

Spare keys. If the athletes use keys for their lockers and misplace them, it is always a good idea to keep a master key around. This practice prevents the cost and inconvenience of replacing the entire lock.

Installing high-quality, durable, and reliable athletic lockers will assist you in keeping a safe and functioning locker room. Carroll Seating provides a variety of DeBourgh athletic lockers that provide solutions to many of these issues. These lockers can resist most rough treatment, have a lifetime guarantee, and have ventilation systems that combat moisture and prevent bacteria cultivation. Contact Carroll Seating today to choose the best athletic lockers for your locker rooms.


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