The needs of college students continue to shift and change. Just a half-century ago, dorms were still ways of separating students from the outside world so they could focus on their studies. These days, students look for an increasing number of amenities from dorms. Some dorms include pools and waterfalls. Others have Mongolian grills and climbing walls. Many demand luxury at every turn in every inch of their living space. If you’re considering a dorm upgrade to help meet student needs, summer is the perfect time to do it, and we can help.

What to Consider

IMG_4287There are several upgrades you may want to consider in your dorm rooms. Perhaps you’d like to add shared or individual kitchen space to your units. Our custom casework is the perfect fit, providing excellent durability as well as the functionality students will demand.

Common areas are also usually ripe spaces for upgrades, and the key there is to get a good sense of the space before you begin making changes. Whether you want your common areas to have the feel of a cozy café or you’d prefer they look a bit more like a typical bookstore with tables and work spaces abound, we have the options that are ideal, no matter what the size of your project.

Tackling the Most Important Part

More than any other aspect of the project, you need to focus on making students comfortable in the space. At home, students may be used to moving from a bedroom to a living room to a kitchen with ease, and giving students the space to feel that they’re truly at home while on campus can help attract them to your university and keep them there.

Carroll Seating Company has been combining aesthetics and functionality in all of our dorm projects for decades. We can’t wait to help with your redesign. Give us a call now to learn more about what we can do.