Complying with ADA regulations in a gymnasium or arena setting can be nothing short of frustrating. After all, few bleacher systems have the ability to ensure you’re giving everyone the seating opportunities needed, and while you certainly don’t want to exclude any patrons, landing on the perfect solution can be frustrating. Finally, there’s one option you can look to for easy ADA compliance – Flex-Row systems by Hussey Seating.

What Is It? ChicagoStateFlexRow2

Imagine traditional bleacher seating with one integral change, you can eliminate parts of the first row to help give you a number of different seating options. Push in a few seats or several. Flex-Row puts the options back in your hands.

Discover The Hidden Power

Flex-Row seating systems mean an endless variety of options on the first row. You can lock in different layouts for every single game, giving you a number of different ADA solutions. Entire parts of the first row are removable, so whether you have a challenging event that needs something a bit different, you need room for a scoring table, or you need wheelchair space for patrons, you have the options at your fingertips. Perhaps the best part of this equation is that if you need only a single row of seating, Flex-Row is still operational with the rest of the system in the fully closed position. It’s not only the best way to make certain your facility remains ADA compliant, but it’s also the best way to make certain you have the flexibility you need for almost any event or sport that you need to host.

Flex-Row systems mean more choices, no matter what activities or events you plan to host. To learn more about how Flex-Row systems might fit in with your seating plan, contact us today. We offer a level of personalized service few others in the industry can match.