The STEAM movement is gaining speed in the world of education today. Now, more than ever, educators are beginning to realize just how important science, technology, and math will be to students, and the pathway to create school environments that build all of these factors into a student’s education is one sought after by many districts.

If you’re unfamiliar with the movement, STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Mathematics. The goal is to give students the knowledge needed in those areas to guide student learning. For teachers, it means an integrated approach to learning as well as lessons designed around inquiry and collaboration. For districts, however, it means one big hurdle, the need for stronger science labs on campus, and often that includes the demand for better school lab tables.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide

STEAM demands project based learning, and often that means school lab tables that are capable of being arranged into compact pods that will hold small groups of six to eight students at a time. That level of flexibility can mean a chance to arrange or rearrange tables to meet the needs of any given project.

As you shop, there are a few major things you’ll want to consider. The first is the table’s surface.  High-pressure plastic laminate school lab equipment is a fairly natural choice. It’s one of the most common surfaces in school labs today, and it has a far stronger resistance level when it comes to scratches, dents, and dings, as well as higher temperatures and the heavy chemicals sometimes used in school labs. Wood laminate tables have been common in school labs for generations because they’re so strong.

In the event that you feel you need something a little stronger, there are other options. Many new coatings today offer higher levels of chemical resistance, and you could always move forward with a surface like stainless steel, often touted in medical facilities for its strength in terms of chemical resistance as well as its durability.

The table’s surface, though, isn’t the only consideration to make. You’ll also want to think about size. The table needs to be large enough to handle various experiments. However, when you get tables that are too large, they’re harder to rearrange for various STEAM activities. Finding that perfect medium is nothing short of a must.

Finally, the other real consideration you’ll want to factor in is durability. Any school equipment purchased should last through the next educational trend, so make certain you’re choosing school lab tables with a surface you can count on now and well into the next several years. Plastic laminate coated tables certainly have that built in, but many other options do as well.

As you explore the options available to you, contact Carroll Seating Company for a guide that can help you find the perfect school lab tables.