A good auditorium stays in use all year long.  If your school, church or organization maintains an auditorium, keeping it up to date and comfortable is vital to keeping it in use as much as possible.  Whether you’re building or renovating, a comfortable, well-appointed auditorium can be your building’s crowning glory as well as its workhorse.


Choosing a format is the first step in designing your auditorium seating.  There 3 basic plans for auditoriums:

  • Theater: often the best choice for viewing performances or speakers; offers little opportunity for interaction.
  • Classroom:  geared more towards taking notes and interacting with a presenter but not with other participants; may or may not use tables.
  • Banquet: table and chairs format is best for presentations including meals; offers the most interaction between attendees.


Once you’ve chosen your format, check local city and state codes as well as the fire code for measurements on aisles and exits.  You’ll need to plan for both a center aisle (typically 4 to 6 feet wide) and side aisles (approximately 4 feet wide) and perhaps breaks between sections depending on the size of the room.  Plan on a minimum of about 18-20 inches per seat in theater settings, 2 people per 6 foot table in a classroom format and 8 people to a 5 foot, round table in a banquet plan.  Don’t forget to leave room for equipment, lighting and any obstructions, too.

Something Extra

When you’ve got all the functionality set in stone, it’s time to add a little something extra to make your auditorium stand out as the best venue for events.  A little pizazz goes a long way!  Talk to one of our designers about custom colors, fabrics, logos, end standards, finishes and all the other details that elevate your auditorium from functional space to stylish venue.

Your auditorium will always be in demand if you plan it well and go the extra mile to make it something special. Learn more about different styles, spaces, and extras by visiting Carroll Seating in Elk Grove at 847-434-0909 or visit us online today.