There are some team members who have such an impact on the way you do business that you think you’ll never be able to function without them. When tragedy strikes and they’re suddenly gone, that empty hole threatens to consume the entire way you do business. You pick up and move on, but the loss is so massive that you know you have to do something to help you honor that individual’s memory.

Anita Frazier Conf Room 5For us, that person was Anita Frazier. Anita passed in February of 2013, and while we knew we had to move forward with our day to day business operations, we needed something that would always keep her memory in our hearts.  Thus the idea for the Anita Frazier Memorial Conference Room was born. Completed in November 2013, we worked hard to showcase our design skills and products in this one package, helping to show what a strong company Anita helped to make us. The door is a custom millwork creation from Kohout Woodwork. It has a unique glass inlay that is nothing short of gorgeous.

Both the custom conference table and the elevated credenza (also customized to meet our exact needs) were provided by Kohout Woodwork as well. The granite tops you see were provided by Fabricor, and they were an absolute must for this environment. Because so many of our meetings are right here, both internal and those with clients, we needed the best possible seating, so we turned to Euro Tech Seating for the chairs you see. They combine comfort, durability, and functionality in one package. The whiteboard came from Idea Paint and the custom sign with our name was a product of Signs Now. All of the electrical components were provided by Valentino Electric.

It’s our design, our products, our best. Thanks for pushing us forward Anita. We miss you!