When you are in the market for new gym seating for your school’s gym, you may come across multiple types of bleachers. It’s important to find a seating system that works for your space, but what features would work best? Should you opt for fixed or retractable seating? What are the best types of seating systems for your space?

One type of bleachers that is growing in popularity is telescopic seating. Telescopic bleachers provide flexibility, the opportunity for maximized space, and optimal integration for your gym space. If your school is looking for great value and optimal customization for your bleachers, consider investing in telescopic seating for your gym.

The Definition of Telescopic Gym Seating

Telescopic Gym Seating

Telescopic Gym Seating

If you are looking for seating systems for your school or community center, you probably use your indoor gym or arena for multiple purposes. Your bleachers may be cumbersome and difficult to customize. Telescopic gym seating is a form of retractable seating that allows for maximum flexibility and customization in an indoor gym space.

You can pull out the bleachers when you need them, and retract the telescopic seating when you need extra space. If you have fixed bleachers in your gym but need additional floor seating for overflow, telescopic seating can help fix your problem. In addition, you can customize your telescopic bleachers to come in your school colors and include patterns that exude additional spirit in your gym space.

You can customize multiple aspects of your telescopic seating system from Carroll Seating, including:

The type of seat that you want for the bleacher, from blow-molded plastic, classic wood or telescopic platform seating.

Various rail options available, including auto rotating.

Media platforms for photography, broadcasting, or videography
Safety end-closure curtains.

Understructure safety features for the safest telescopic bleachers possible
Wireless Pendant controls for storing.

Colors, logos, or signature logo designs.

Benefits of Telescopic Seating

Telescopic gym seating offers unparalleled value, flexibility, reliability, and customization. It is perfect for use in indoor gyms and arenas of all sizes and types, especially multi-purpose school gyms. Telescopic bleachers can provide numerous benefits to you and your gym space.

You can increase your gym’s seating capacity in case of larger events or overflow using telescopic bleachers.

You can include additional school spirit in your gym with telescopic seating’s color customization, logo imprinting, and pattern designs.

You receive custom-made bleachers to best fit your school’s needs and comply with ADA requirements. Telescopic bleachers can fit any type of space, regardless of room shape or layout.

You can customize your telescopic seating system to include courtside logos, custom end curtains, and even a media platform to increase game videography, photography, and more.

You have the option to store gym bleachers in smaller spaces, expanding your gym space when you do not need seating. Telescopic bleachers provide ultimate flexibility.

If you use your gym for multiple uses, you can easily collapse the bleachers away to prevent unsightly stairs in the background of prom pictures, athletic banquets, class dinners, and more. Telescopic seating allows you to create a truly multi-purpose gym.

Where Can You Purchase Telescopic Bleachers?

You can purchase your telescopic seating made of the highest quality materials and safe installation from Carroll Seating. You can customize your telescopic bleachers to your exact specifications, from color to seating style to rails and more. We can provide telescopic bleachers to schools in Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, and more.

When you think of Telescopic gym seating , think of us. We have Telescopic gym seating experts that are the best in the industry.

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