Whether you’re building a new lab or simply redesigning an old one, one of the names you’re going to come across again and again is Institutional Casework. There’s a good reason for that. They’re the only company to consider when you’re looking for lab casework.

Institutional caseworkThe Institutional Casework Difference
There’s an industry standard when it comes to lab furniture. Institutional Casework is well aware of that standard, and they work hard to exceed it with every single product they sell. Highly rated for chemical resistance and performance, they offer the best options on the market. With that level of quality, though, you’d expect very little in the way of aesthetically pleasing designs, but even there, they’ve got the market cornered. Their options are as beautiful as they are functional, and they’re perfect for K-12 classrooms, higher education, and even prestigious commercial laboratories. They’re the single best way to create the perfect environment for study. What’s more, though, is that Institutional Casework stands carefully behind every product they sell. From the concept itself to the final installation, Institutional Casework is right there to stand behind their work. Perhaps that’s why they’re chosen again and again for to provide lab casework across the globe.

The Product Line
Even if you’re a phenomenal company like Institutional Casework, though, you still have to have a pretty amazing product line to back up your claims, and this company certainly does. From their Magnetar work centers that offer both lecture and lab space for up to four to their Quantum Command Center that will redefine the way you teach and store lab equipment, they have exactly what’s needed in today’s labs in the styles and finishes you want most. Cubbies, research tables, base cabinets, wall cabinets, fume hoods, it’s all right here in one place, and it all comes with the durability today’s labs in any setting demand. They specialize in great work surfaces like granite to ensure acid and chemical resistance and bacteria resistance. All of their options are low maintenance, and they look better than anything else on the market and are likely to last longer, too. The simple reality is that all of their products are made for the toughest lab settings, and that’s why this company has been continually chosen to provide great casework and lab furniture.

Outfitting Your New Lab
If you’re shopping to replace one lab or ten, Institutional Casework is the only way to move forward. Work with an authorized dealer today to fulfill your needs.