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3 Benefits of Modular Laboratory Casework

lab casework by Carroll Seating Company

Today's labs, both in schools and in commercial settings, are designed to provide techs, researchers and students with a functional, safe space; but they must also be much more than that. Work surfaces are important, and so are other features like storage capacity, design materials, and ongoing functionality. Perhaps that's why modern lab furniture is […] Read More

Does A Hospital Reception Desk Actually Matter?

hospital casework by Carroll Seating Company

The reception area of a hospital can be a fairly loaded location. Often it's the first place visitors and patients alike have a face-to-face interaction with the staff and the environment. It's also typically the first chance a hospital has to project a healing environment to those who enter the doors. The reception desk is […] Read More

Your Cold Weather Outdoor Stadium Seating Options

outdoor stadium seating by Carroll Seating Company

Sports don't stop the moment cold weather comes on. In many areas, you have to have a space that's completely prepared for dedicated fans and the cold weather. As you search for outdoor stadium seating that can actually take the winter weather, where should you turn for help? Carroll Seating Company. The Carroll Advantage From […] Read More

Brodart: Modern, Comfortable, Stylish Library Seating

stylish library seating by Carroll Seating Company

What is it about a book that demands the most comfortable chair possible? With so many variables, it’s hard to say, but for decades, Brodart has been providing comfortable and stylish library seating solutions to libraries, cafes, and other reading Meccas.  Today, the story is a little different. They still have many options, and even in […] Read More

What Are the Benefits of Recessed Bleachers?

benefits of recessed bleachers by Carroll Seating Company

In many areas, bleacher systems are nothing short of an absolute must. From school gyms to venues that may need extensive seating with serious flexibility, bleachers often offer the best possible seating at the lowest possible the cost. The problem? They can also be a serious space constraint. Enter recessed bleachers. They offer all of […] Read More

Selecting the Right School Lab Tables

school lab tables by carroll seating company

The STEAM movement is gaining speed in the world of education today. Now, more than ever, educators are beginning to realize just how important science, technology, and math will be to students, and the pathway to create school environments that build all of these factors into a student's education is one sought after by many […] Read More

Stadium Seats With Cup Holders Are Actually That Important!

stadium seats with cup holders by carroll seating company

A recent article in a local Sacramento media outlet described the brand new Golden 1 Center where the Sacramento Kings will play in the upcoming season. Among the amenities were an innovative sky bridge, cushioned seating, and enhanced Wi-Fi. Despite all this, the article presented one major concern in the upper level seating - a […] Read More

Stainless Steel Cabinets for Medical Facilities Are Here!

Carroll Seating Offers Stainless Steel Cabinets for Medical Facilities

Outfitting a medical office or even an entire hospital with the right cabinetry for both form and function is a daunting task. After all, you're not limited to just one type of surface these days. Instead, many are enhanced with antimicrobial additives to help keep patients a bit safer. Despite that fact, stainless steel cabinets […] Read More

What Basketball Equipment Do You Need?

Contact Carroll Seating for all your Basketball Equipment needs

Statistics suggest basketball is the third most popular sport across the world today, so it's little wonder that so many facilities are looking for the best basketball equipment possible. From community centers to commercial gyms and schools, the demand for good basketball equipment and facilities is ever rising, and Carroll Seating Company can help you […] Read More

Getting the Bleacher Seating Parts You Need Fast!

Find all the bleacher seating parts you need from Carroll Seating Company

If the next season is on your mind, it might be time to start thinking about getting your bleachers in shape for what's to come. At Carroll Seating Company, we can handle all of your bleacher needs as well as bleacher seating parts and repairs whether you're in the middle of a season or you're […] Read More