Cafeteria and Food Court Seating

Cafeteria Tables Can Change the Whole School Atmosphere

Outfit your school with new cafeteria tables by Carroll Seating Company

School cafeterias and cafeteria tables, they can be a janitor’s worst nightmare; the teacher’s most uncontrollable situation, and the students’ wild feeding ground filled with flung food, social stratification, and any other craziness you get with a room filled with eating kids. Don’t panic just yet, because Carroll Seating Company is here to help. Carroll […] Read More

Food Court Furniture Buying Guide

Food court and cafeteria furniture sure has changed a lot in the last few years, hasn’t? You probably remember the old, rickety long tables with uncomfortable seats in your school cafeteria from when you were a kid. Things are a lot different in lunchrooms these days, though, where the focus has shifted to making comfortable […] Read More

New School Year – New Cafeteria Seating

Start the new school year with a bang!  Install new cafeteria seating and watch your student’s eyes light up with excitement and school spirit.  Bright colors and functional designs will bring a smile to your students’ faces and help keep your cafeteria organized and orderly. Carroll Seating Company has a long history of serving both […] Read More

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Cafeteria Furniture

Whether you are preparing to re-outfit a school cafeteria, the staff kitchen in an office building, or a large scale eating area of a hospital, you have to consider many different variables in order to make the wisest selections for those you intend to serve. Keeping Things Clean One of the biggest concerns that we […] Read More