With the heaviest of hearts, we announce the passing of our Vice President, Michael K. Carroll.

Born and raised in Lake Forest, IL. Mike went to the University of Kansas, graduating with the class of 1990. Making Kansas his home; Mike opened his own business selling casework and millwork to one major customer, Bagel & Bagel. He was a born businessman (following in the footsteps of his late Father Patrick Carroll, Sr.) and quickly started spreading his wings and establishing a business built on hard work and dedication to his customers.

In true Michael spirit, living life to the fullest, he decided at a young age to “retire” from a standard 9-5 and travel around the world for a year. After returning home, Mike established Carroll Seating – KC, selling all our major lines in Kansas and Missouri. Very quickly he turned CSC KC into a multi-million-dollar sales company. Growing the business for the next 25 years; establishing offices in St Louis, MO and Owatonna, MN with territory in Iowa, Nebraska and beyond CSC KC is the ultimate testimony to his legacy.

Mike’s personal fire went out on July 12, 2021. For those who had the pleasure of knowing him, he had a love for life, his family, his friends, his music and so much more. His smile was infectious, his passion about so many things unmatched. He will be sorely missed in our family, business and life.

Mike is survived by his wife Maureen, three children Porter, Corbin, Hudson and three stepchildren Wheaton, Elizabeth and Riley. sister Susan (Kevin), brother PJ (Suzy), brother Tracy and a host of nieces and nephews and great nieces & nephews.

In remembrance of Michael’s life, the family asks that any charitable donations be made to Christmas  in October https://christmasinoctober.org/

Laboratory Fume HoodLaboratory Fume Hood

Carroll Seating does more than just auditorium and theatre seating. We also design and install casework and other laboratory items including fume hoods. 


Laboratory Casework

When you are looking into getting efficient and resilient laboratory casework to ensure the integrity of your scientific research, you may encounter a type of lab equipment called a fume hood. These devices are important for your lab work, particularly if you are working with potentially dangerous chemicals. Learn more about fume hoods, their importance as laboratory casework, and the different types of fume hoods available.

What Is a Fume Hood?

A laboratory fume hood, sometimes also known as an exhaust hood, is a device that contains a space completely enclosed to the rest of the lab environment, except for necessary ductwork connected to mechanical ventilation, as well as exhaust purposes on three sides, top, and bottom. Operated through the restricted use of arms and hands by the user, this type of laboratory casework uses the ventilation to draw fumes, gases, and vapors inwards, and exhausts them into the atmosphere outside the lab.

Purpose of a Fume Hood

The primary function of this laboratory casework is the safety of lab workers. Fume hoods accomplish this specifically by:

Isolating the fumes, vapors, and gases created by chemicals and expelling them through the laboratory’s exhaust system.

Protecting the operators and other lab workers from solid or liquid hazards, as well as chemical reactions like explosions, splashes, or fires. A sliding window, called a sash, adjusts the flow of air and determined how quickly air flows through the fume hood

Contributing to the laboratory’s overall ventilation as air flows through the hood.

Types of Fume Hood

Most laboratories use two different types of fume hoods:

Constant air volume (CAV). This type of laboratory casework pulls in and exhausts air at the same rate regardless of he position of the sash. If the sash is lowered the velocity of the airflow increases proportionally, with the effect reversed if the sash is raised.

Variable air volume (VAV). This fume hood works in conjunction with other exhaust control systems so that the velocity of the airflow responds to the status of the sash. Therefore, if the sash raises or lowers, the system modulates the velocity to keep it consistent at any time.

Best Safety Work Practices

Just like with most laboratory casework, you can maintain the efficiency of the fume hood and the overall safety of the environment by following safe practices during operation. Use the following safe work practices when operating a fume hood:

Conduct all experiments at least six inches away from the hood
Maintain the sash closed as much as possible
Handle the materials slowly and precisely
Do not use the laboratory casework as waste disposal
Keep the device free from obstructions

As you have seen, a fume hood is an essential laboratory component that protects the people in the lab and the rest of the building from dangerous chemicals and unexpected reactions. Carroll Seating provides laboratories with products from Institutional Casework Inc. The manufacturer’s specific product, the Jamestown Metal fume hood, combines maximum isolation design with approved architectural standards to create a unique, but safe, type of laboratory casework.

Interested in this device? Contact Carroll Seating today to order the best fume hood option for your work, as well as other laboratory casework needs.



Top Trends in furniture and casework for school librariesTechnology and education are two fields that will continue to move forward, adapt and evolve. That being so, school libraries must evolve as well. Despite their reputation as dusty, book-collecting, quiet places, modern libraries have adapted to the needs of the next generation of students, using the latest in technology and library furniture. Learn more about the current trends present in modern school libraries.

Technological Resources

One of the most obvious modern trends for libraries is the increased use of technology. Students now have greater access to technological resources, such as tablet PCs, eBooks, open source, and other tools. Librarians are adapting to the increased use of technology by facilitating use of these new gadgets. Library furniture, for example, is adapting to students who use laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets by integrating wireless charging stations and other considerations for these devices.


Technology not only benefits students, but library staff as well. The increased use of technological resources, such as academic databases and remote library services, increases the capabilities and options for libraries without taking up space held by library furniture or physical books and archives. As a result, administrators can benefit from cost-efficient libraries that will operate at a more advanced level, and spend money on other tasks, such as updating library furniture, maintenance, and other essential costs.

Inclusive Spaces

Children with developmental disabilities and within the autism spectrum have specific needs when it comes to certain library activities. Some school libraries are creating more inclusive spaces by developing storytelling programs that emphasize sensory storytime and an increase in color and visuals. More comfortable and safe library furniture and seating are also in demand. Other children can also benefit from these inclusive spaces and activities.

Expansion of Librarian Roles

As a result of the increased library activities and resources, librarians will have to fulfill multiple new roles. Modern librarians are now increasingly savvy with technology and have greater involvement in the academic success of the patrons. This role expansion has some positive aspects, as it outgrows the stereotype of the librarian the strict enforcer of silence.

Focus on Community Learning

The emphasis in technology frees up space in libraries. Beyond the use of sleek library furniture, there is a potential for these spaces to become learning stations for the larger community. Several libraries have used the extra space to allow for additional educational opportunities, such as video and photo production for interested teenagers, craft lessons for small children, and activities for non-student patrons such as senior citizens. Adaptable library furniture is necessary for the growing variety of non-library activities.

If you are considering embracing your school library as a learning community space for students and staff, you will need the right library furniture to accomplish it. Carroll Seating is a proud provider of Worden Company furniture products. From sleek tables and desks to efficient bookcases and charging stations, we will supply the ideal library furniture that will facilitate these trends. Contact Carroll Seating to learn more about our library furniture options, such as bookcases, tables, and chairs, that will bring your library up to date.


How to Revitalize Your Cafeteria With New Seating

School cafeteria seating

Cafeterias are very important in schools, since students have to visit the area each day to purchase and eat lunch. However, if your students do not like to eat in your cafeteria, it may be because the space feels bland and drab. Plus, hard and awkward seating and tables can seriously impact the comfort of lunchtime. Here are a few ways you can revitalize your cafeteria seating to improve your students’ experience.

1: Invest in Café Tables for Students on the Go

Not all students like to sit and eat their lunches at traditional cafeteria tables. It can be a hassle for a student running to a lunch meeting to have to sit and scarf down their lunch – plus, finding extra seating during lunch hour can be a pain depending on your school population. Consider investing in a few standing café tables for students on the go – they provide a stylish, less formal way for students to eat lunch or breakfast before heading to class or extracurricular activities.

2: Bump Up the Style with Booths

Drab cafeteria tables are not very appetizing to students. If you want to impress your students with a new cafeteria layout and make lunchtime more fun and inviting, consider investing in a few dining booths for added comfort and style. You can choose traditional restaurant-style booths with tables in the middle of your cafeteria, or mix and match cushioned benches with tables and chairs for a food-court feel.

3: Customize the Table Exteriors and Chair Covers

Bump up the school spirit by incorporating your school colors or logos onto your tables. You add a touch of customization to your school cafeteria while keeping your traditional tables and style. If you want to add additional customization to your cafeteria layout, consider doing the same to your chairs or chair covers.

4: Mix and Match Table Styles

A uniform cafeteria is not always the most stylish one. It can make your cafeteria feel more like a mess hall than a place for students to gather. An easy way to amp up the style factor of your cafeteria is to mix and match different table styles. Incorporate long tables in some areas of the room, square tables in others, and maybe a few café tables on the outskirts. Consider matching different styles of chairs to different styles of tables for an extra wow factor, and use your school colors as your color scheme.

Are you inspired to improve your cafeteria seating? Carroll Seating is here to help. We revitalize cafeterias, libraries, bleachers, and more for schools in Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas. Contact us today to learn more about how we can revamp your school cafeteria.


athletic lockers, team lockers, lockersAthletic Lockers | Team Lockers

Athletic locker rooms at your school, particularly the lockers themselves, usually go through plenty of wear and tear due to rigorous use by the students and athletes. Multiple problems arise in athletic lockers and the rooms that hold them, such as the growth of bacteria and damages from rough handling. In order to prevent these issues, you should stay proactive when maintaining the integrity of athletic locker rooms.

Proper Ventilation

One of the most common issues in athletic locker rooms is the presence of bacteria. The enclosed conditions of lockers, humidity, and sharing of hygiene items encourages the cultivation of dangerous germs, which may lead to diseases such as the flu and athlete’s foot. The most effective method of preventing bacteria involves proper ventilation, which decreases the moisture that allows these organisms to thrive. Modern athletic lockers have designs that promote better airflow.

Maintenance of Lockers

The lockers are the key part in keeping the overall athletic locker room in great shape. Athletic lockers are the most vulnerable targets for bacteria for numerous reasons, including ideal growing conditions, spread of humidity, and contact with germ-filled items. Maintain the quality of the athletic lockers by performing the following:

Cleaning. Wipe the lockers with a wet cloth on a monthly basis, and a wax-based veneer every quarter. Basic cleaning can extend the lifetime of even the strongest of metal lockers.

Lubrication. If the athletic lockers are used daily, you should check on the locks and hinges, and lubricate as needed. This ensures that the lockers work properly.

Repairs. Dents and scratches can compromise even metal lockers if left unattended. If you find any damage, arrange for a repair session with a qualified repair person. You can also cover shallow scratches in athletic lockers with spot painting.

Spare keys. If the athletes use keys for their lockers and misplace them, it is always a good idea to keep a master key around. This practice prevents the cost and inconvenience of replacing the entire lock.

Installing high-quality, durable, and reliable athletic lockers will assist you in keeping a safe and functioning locker room. Carroll Seating provides a variety of DeBourgh athletic lockers that provide solutions to many of these issues. These lockers can resist most rough treatment, have a lifetime guarantee, and have ventilation systems that combat moisture and prevent bacteria cultivation. Contact Carroll Seating today to choose the best athletic lockers for your locker rooms.

http:// https://www.dudesolutions.com/community/discover/blogs/4-tips-for-maintaining-your-schools-locker-room

When you use school lockers or athletic lockers in your district, their security is of the utmost importance. At school, your students store very important items in their lockers, from homework to textbooks to personal items such as electronics, gym equipment, wallets, and other valuables. Your students trust that their school lockers can protect their belongings. If your school lockers are easy to break into, it may be time to invest in a more secure solution from Carroll Seating.

Why Do You Need Secure Lockers?

Your students store lots of personal items in school lockers and athletic lockers alike. These items can have a massive impact on their academic, athletic, and personal success if they go missing. Your students place a lot of trust in you and your school, and you need to uphold security through school lockers.

What would happen the day before a massive exam if a thief broke into students’ school lockers and stole their backpack with their textbook and notes? What if someone broke into the athletic lockers and took all of your football team’s helmets before the big game?

Thefts at school can occur out of malicious intent and for practical jokes. However, these incidents can have drastic consequences, even if the perpetrator does not mean to be harmful. To best protect your students and athletes, choose school and athletic lockers that are heavy-duty and come with secure locking mechanisms.

Tips for Reducing Locker Room Theft

Do you have a problem with thefts of school lockers or athletic lockers on your campus? There are a few tips you can use to minimize the risk of theft and catch perpetrators in the act.

Limit access to the locker area. Have a check-in area for visitors to your campus so that they cannot access school lockers. In athletic facilities, implement a check-in system to protect athletic lockers as well.

If you notice an unknown individual hanging around the athletic lockers, train staff to ask for a student ID card and ask why they are in the area. If possible, have staff monitor these athletic lockers at all times.

Make sure to perform regular maintenance on all lockers, hinges, and latches. If your school lockers have poor maintenance, this will make them more susceptible to theft.

If you supply locks to your students, make sure they are heavy-duty and not easy to break into. For best results, choose locker systems with build-in locking mechanisms that are not as easy for thieves to break into.

Recommend that your students leave their valuables at home and do not store them in their lockers. Cash, jewelry, electronics, and other valuable items should not be in school or athletic lockers.

Invest in high-security, heavy-duty school lockers and athletic lockers from trusted providers such as Carroll Seating.

Choose Security Lockers From Carroll Seating

Do you need customizable, maximum security school lockers? Carroll Seating can install secure school lockers and athletic lockers that meet your district’s needs. All of our school and athletic lockers come with life cycle cost advantages, heavy-duty materials, and the highest level of security.

Interested in installing a secure locker system for your school? Contact Carroll Seating today to schedule your project with one of our locker room experts in Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, and more. We are proud to provide security to schools throughout the Midwest and beyond.


ADA-Compliant Gym Bleachers for Your School’s Gymnasium

Does your school follow ADA regulations for gymnasium bleachers?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has multiple rules regarding accessible seating in gyms and stadiums. New stadiums must have accessible gym bleachers for students and their families with disabilities, so everyone can enjoy equal access to sports and entertainment. Luckily, complying with the ADA’s rules can be easy while shopping for new gym bleachers, thanks to Carroll Seating and our wide array of sports entertainment seating solutions.

What Features Do ADA Accessible Stadiums Need to Have?

Your school’s gym or stadium must comply with federal regulations in regard to gym bleachers. According to the ADA, all new stadiums must have certain accessibility features to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game without difficulty. These gym bleacher features should include:


 Wheelchair accessible gym bleachers that make up at least 1% of all of the seats in the gym
and provide lines of sight comparable to the ones that other spectators enjoy.

 Accessible gym bleachers that are an integral part of the gym seating plan so that people
who are using wheelchairs do not experience isolation during the game.

 Accessible gym bleachers that are on an open flat space, is slip-resistant and stable, and
has a smooth surface.

 Companion seats next to each wheelchair gym bleacher area so that a companion can join
the wheelchair-bound person.

 Accessible seating locations in all areas of the gym bleachers, including specialty areas like
sky boxes.

 Availability of folding or removable seating for non-disabled people to use in wheelchair
gym bleachers if no person using a wheelchair is using those areas.

 Accessible routes to guide people in wheelchairs from the gym bleachers to their seats,
parking lots, stages, performing areas, locker rooms, and public areas, such as bathrooms
and concession stands.

 Accessible gym bleachers for people who do not use wheelchairs but have a mobility
disability – at least 1% of fixed seats in the bleachers must be on the aisle with either no
armrest or a removable armrest.


These requirements may seem lengthy and difficult to implement. However, they are incredibly important to ensure that every student and spectator at your school can participate in the same activities. In addition, finding ADA-compliant gym bleachers is not a difficult task when you enlist the services of Carroll Seating.

Why Are ADA Accessible Gym Bleachers Important?

Many schools overlook ADA requirements for gym bleachers for multiple reasons, from the presumed high cost or the belief that disabled students do not attend sporting events. However, these assumptions could not be further from the truth. Investing in ADA accessible gym bleachers is not only important to ensure that all students feel welcome. Your school could face consequences if its seating is not accessible. Not complying with the ADA requirements regarding gym bleachers can lead to lawsuits against your school or district.

In addition, you could receive fines anywhere between $75,000 and $150,000.

All students deserve to enjoy equal access to the same events and experiences as their peers. By investing in ADA-compliant gym bleachers for your stadium or gym, you are not only saving yourself from potential liability – you ensure that your school is a welcoming environment for all students.

Where Can My School Purchase ADA-Compliant Gym Bleachers?

Investing in ADA-compliant gym bleachers is easy when you choose Carroll Seating. We provide custom gymnasium seating for your school that meets all regulations set forth by the federal government. Contact us today to inquire about our ADA bleacher solutions for schools in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and more.


Gym Bleachers
ADA Compliant Gym Bleachers



Sports & Entertainment Seating Solutions


Today’s labs, both in schools and in commercial settings, are designed to provide techs, researchers and students with a functional, safe space; but they must also be much more than that. Work surfaces are important, and so are other features like storage capacity, design materials, and ongoing functionality. Perhaps that’s why modern lab furniture is so diverse. If you’re shopping for custom lab casework, one of the first options you should take into consideration is modular casework.

What Is It?

Modular lab casework is the cabinetry that your lab will rely on again and again. The term itself can refer to base cabinets, wall cabinets, and storage and supply cabinets, and it can be made out of almost any material. Modular casework has an advantage over the built-in variety. It can be reconfigured at any point in time so the lab can be reworked or completely redesigned should it become necessary.

The Advantages

There are actually a number of reasons to consider modular casework. It’s a space saver, which is a huge advantage in today’s shrinking lab spaces. No matter what your facility needs, you can adjust the cabinets to meet those needs, helping to eliminate any wasted space.

The other real benefit is that it is flexible. Instead of having to order new cabinetry when the needs of the lab change, modular casework can be reconfigured again and again to provide exactly what’s necessary. This is particularly beneficial in situations involving school lab casework, as often pupils’ need changes from year to year.

One additional benefit of modular casework is that it’s fairly easy to install. We’ll take extensive measurements at the outset, so you know it’s a perfect fit for your space. Most of the pieces are even factory assembled, which means that installation will be quick and easy.

Interested in learning more about modular casework for your lab? Give us a call today.

The reception area of a hospital can be a fairly loaded location. Often it’s the first place visitors and patients alike have a face-to-face interaction with the staff and the environment. It’s also typically the first chance a hospital has to project a healing environment to those who enter the doors. The reception desk is a big part of that environment. It must build a positive impression from the very start, and there are a number of key hospital casework design features you must consider if you’re looking to create that perfect image.

  • Create a Path: The ideal hospital reception desk will help create a path for those entering the hospital to find their destinations. There are a number of ways hospital casework can do this. Start by integrating the organizational aspects necessary for volunteers to properly do their jobs. You’ll also want to consider the size of the design. The larger the hospital, the larger the number of volunteers working there at any given time. That may mean that you need a far larger reception desk.
  • Build Comfort: Your volunteers and hospital employees tend to work long shifts without relief, and for them, the desk should be the perfect oasis. It should include the ideal features necessary to ensure they can do their jobs well and in complete comfort. They aren’t the only people to consider, though. You must also take into account those on the other side of the desk. Make certain it’s the right height and offers any necessary added features to put patients and visitors at ease as well.
  • Design for Privacy: Health privacy regulations abound these days, and a custom hospital desk needs as much privacy as any other space in your hospital, so make certain that you design a desk that offers plenty of privacy for those on both sides. You may want to physically separate part of it for confidential sessions. You may also want to position computer work areas to ensure they cannot be seen by those outside of the reception area.
  • Future Proof: It’s tough to know what the next wave of hospital design will incorporate, but to any extent possible, work to future-proof your reception desk so it will last well into the next generation. The simple truth is that patients will soon likely be able to swipe a card or use a fingerprint scanner to check in. Relatives may be able to do the same. If you know what’s coming next, integrate the right features now to help make your hospital the trendsetter instead of the follower.

There’s little doubt about it – hospital reception desks aren’t just important, they’re absolutely essential. Contact Carroll Seating Company today and learn more about how we can help you find the right hospital reception desk to meet your needs.

Sports don’t stop the moment cold weather comes on. In many areas, you have to have a space that’s completely prepared for dedicated fans and the cold weather. As you search for outdoor stadium seating that can actually take the winter weather, where should you turn for help? Carroll Seating Company.

The Carroll Advantage

From the moment you contact us, we’ll begin to get to know your space. We want to know more about your patrons, your requirements, and your weather patterns so we can recommend the best possible seating options.  Throughout the process, you’ll work one-on-one with a project manager who can walk you through all of your options, helping you compare each and make the right decision.

More than that, though, we’ll be with you every step of the way. From the first phone call to checkups after installation is complete, Carroll Seating is the best possible partner for the long haul.

What Are Your Cold Weather Seating Options?

There’s actually a number of cold weather seating options out there to consider, and some of the best come from Hussey stadium seating. Hussey designs many of the best products in the industry.

The Quattro Extreme, for example, is ready to take on any of the elements. It’s built to be completely rugged and weather resistant, but it’s also built for comfort. Imagine the comfort of an upholstered indoor chair in an outdoor version that includes rust-proof stanchions, corrosion resistant hardware, and marine grade fabric to help protect seats while providing comfort to patrons. That’s the Quattro Extreme in a nutshell, and it’s ideal come the rain or snow of winter.

Hussey also makes a number of other choices to explore that are ideal for outdoor arenas and stadiums. To learn more about how we can help you find the right outdoor stadium seating, contact us today.

In operation since 1934, we also work with Sturdi Steel stadium seating. Experts in design and production with products made from the highest grade materials in the industry. Every Sturdi Steel product is made of the highest quality materials –, and guaranteed for reliability. Utilizing the finest and most up to date methods of steel and aluminum fabrication.

Whichever route you choose, Carroll Seating Company will help guide you to a path that’s right for you and your outdoor seating area.

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