Casework & Millwork

Does A Hospital Reception Desk Actually Matter?

hospital casework by Carroll Seating Company

The reception area of a hospital can be a fairly loaded location. Often it's the first place visitors and patients alike have a face-to-face interaction with the staff and the environment. It's also typically the first chance a hospital has to project a healing environment to those who enter the doors. The reception desk is […] Read More

Custom Millwork at Round Lake High School

Custom millwork in Round Lake High School by Carroll Seating Company

Carroll Seating Company recently finished a beautiful custom millwork job at Round Lake High School in Round Lake, IL.  CSC created a wall cap on the stairs that was manufactured by Kohout Woodwork. This job is an excellent example of how Carroll Seating can excel in customizing. This job may look easy, but it took […] Read More

Our Commercial Remodeling Services

Commercial Remodeling Services by Carroll Seating

Images is everything in the world of business today, and whether you have a potential customer walking through the door or a potential employee, you want your environment to look nothing short of amazing, Planning a commercial renovation, though, isn't quite like planning a home renovation. Instead, far more thought, planning, and help has to […] Read More

A Few Tips as You Choose the Right Educational Casework

Choosing the right educational casework is about as complex as selecting the right teaching style for each individual student. Essentially, there are many different possibilities that serve today's educational needs. While it can be difficult, we hope to narrow it down for you a bit with these tips on choosing the right educational casework for […] Read More

Beautify Your Space with Reception Area Casework

Managing an office, taking in appointments, and helping any clients is a huge job for any receptionist or front office worker. However, this can be made even more difficult by having bad reception area casework. Does it actually matter that much? Absolutely. Take a look. The Importance of Good Casework In a nutshell, reception area […] Read More

University Security Desks: More Than a Casework Feature

Security at a university is of utmost importance these days. Most campuses are continually refining their security features, and ensuring that almost every building on campus is secure is an absolute must. One of the key features is the presence of an officer in residence halls and buildings, and installing security desks at each door […] Read More

What Options Are Available for Your Medical Office Casework?

Beautiful casework can mean many things to almost any environment. You get a gorgeous, consistent appearance, functional flexibility, and a design that fits your needs. Casework, though, isn't limited to today's biggest offices. Instead, many medical offices and healthcare facilities can benefit just as much from durable casework that is certain to enhance any setting. […] Read More

Is it Time to Update Your Company’s Reception Area?

Think about this: your company’s reception area often provides the first impression of your business to your customers or clients. So let us ask you this. Is this space inviting? Is it interesting? And most importantly, is it reflective of your business or brand? If you answered no to any of these questions, it may […] Read More

Choosing Break Room Furniture Your Staff Will Love

Your employees work hard every single day. What's one thing you can do to make sure they know how much you appreciate their contribution? Design the perfect break room. The furniture you choose will make a huge difference in the way your break room is perceived, too, so it's one facet of the design you […] Read More

Design + Function

Just how important is design in your upcoming project? It means absolutely everything to the success of the project, and it's one of the biggest reasons people contact Carroll Seating Company again and again to ensure they get the right design. Wondering how we can help? Take a look. Visual Appeal - it's what drives […] Read More