3 Benefits of Modular Laboratory Casework

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Today’s labs, both in schools and in commercial settings, are designed to provide techs, researchers and students with a functional, safe space; but they must also be much more than that. Work surfaces are important, and so are other features like storage capacity, design materials, and ongoing functionality. Perhaps that’s why modern lab furniture is so diverse. If you’re shopping for custom lab casework, one of the first options you should take into consideration is modular casework.

What Is It?

Modular lab casework is the cabinetry that your lab will rely on again and again. The term itself can refer to base cabinets, wall cabinets, and storage and supply cabinets, and it can be made out of almost any material. Modular casework has an advantage over the built-in variety. It can be reconfigured at any point in time so the lab can be reworked or completely redesigned should it become necessary.

The Advantages

There are actually a number of reasons to consider modular casework. It’s a space saver, which is a huge advantage in today’s shrinking lab spaces. No matter what your facility needs, you can adjust the cabinets to meet those needs, helping to eliminate any wasted space.

The other real benefit is that it is flexible. Instead of having to order new cabinetry when the needs of the lab change, modular casework can be reconfigured again and again to provide exactly what’s necessary. This is particularly beneficial in situations involving school lab casework, as often pupils’ need changes from year to year.

One additional benefit of modular casework is that it’s fairly easy to install. We’ll take extensive measurements at the outset, so you know it’s a perfect fit for your space. Most of the pieces are even factory assembled, which means that installation will be quick and easy.

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