This year Patrick (Pat) J. Carroll, Jr. marks his 35th year with Carroll Seating Company. After graduating with a Business Major from the University of Kansas Pat was the first of Carroll Seating’s second generation to enter the business to follow what his Father had started.

Q: How have the ways of business evolved since your beginning years?
Patrick J Carroll       Carroll Seating Company

A: I first started working in the office tracking labor and assisting salesman on field work. The years I spent in the field are invaluable and allowed me to quickly understand how to work with GC’s to coordinate deliveries and installations efficiently as well as to see and understand first hand field conditions.

Q: How have the ways of business evolved since your beginning years?

A: When I first started there were no cell phones or computers. Work was done on adding machines and in phone booths. I use to have to read my entire bid off to the GC on bid day- that was until the invention of fax machines.

Q: How has the market changed within your 35 years?

A: Today, schools are still purchasing the same things there is just a lot more rules and regulations needed to succeed- i.e. bidder qualifications, banking and bonding requirements.

Q: What has been your proudest moment these past 35 years?

A: There have been many. Some specifically are CSC’s commitment to service, product knowledge and continue loyalty. Our reputation in the industry among factories and end users is very strong. The true partnership we preach daily has taken hold and being heard. I’m proud that the message is strong and enduring.

Q: What growth do you foresee for your company in the next 5 years?

A: I see healthcare, higher education, professional labs, police, fire and the service, repair and support of the products we sell as the keys to the success of our future. The continued expansion of our markets to the level of our work load will allow us to become more diverse. We need to bring our expertise into new markets. We need to continually sell ourselves and products we represent and not just job sell at low cost. The next generation of buyers and sellers need to be focused in on quality and not be driven by low cost and short term solutions.

Q: What are you wishes for the third generation of Carroll Seating Company?

A: My wish is for the next generation to not lose sight of the importance of interpersonal relationships and not hide behind screens and smart phone but rather understand that people not machines make decisions. Relationships build on interactive contact of the ones that last. All too often emails are misunderstood, picking up the phone or getting in your car is the key to a successful relationship. Having said that; technology has made us capable of doing more, not necessarily more efficiently, but the sheer volume of what we can handle has grown because of technology. That is a reality that will continue but establishing a blend of technology and old fashion relationships is the key.