If you own or manage a business that requires employee input through presentations, you know the importance of making the presentation room one of the highest priorities. This is where knowledge is transferred the most effectively, and it’s a great opportunity to show your dedication to the business. However, some presentation rooms fall into the “office trap,” causing them to look boring and drab. Here’s why having excellent, high-quality presentation room seating can help your space.

Professionalism Matters

One great reason to have good presentation room seating is to demonstrate how professional your room is and how seriously you take everyone’s input. Having attractive and well-made furniture to seat viewers speaks volumes about your business or space. It tells anyone viewing that you are willing to make a good investment into helping the presenter succeed, and it says that you take the comfort and well-being of everyone seriously, which generally increases morale and makes a benign incentive for people to put effort into their work.

So Does Comfort

In your efforts to make the space more professional, though, don’t overlook the comfort of your employees. Adequate seating can mean the difference between learning and ignoring for your employees. Adding features like the right chairs, tablet arms or tabletops, and more can help your employees make the most out of every presentation.

Don’t Forget Aesthetics

If you pick the right designs, it can complement your room, making it visually attractive. Presentation seating doesn’t have to mean a big contrast to the overall feel of your office. Instead, selecting the perfect design can stimulate the senses and add to the presentation, and with the right mix of art and comfort, your space will truly come alive.

If you need help picking out presentation room seating, don’t hesitate to contact Carroll Seating. We’ll pair you with a project manager who can not only help you choose the right seating for your space, but also walk you through the entire project step by step. Contact us today to learn more.




You probably want every show to be a sellout, but the simple reality is that without the right seating, that’s just not going to happen. Sure, there are amphitheaters where folks still bring their own lawn chairs, but the biggest concerts, shows, and events just don’t book lawn chair facilities. They do, however, select facilities with a good amount of solid seating choices for guests. Before you choose any off-the-shelf solution, though, it’s key to take a needs-inventory for your facility. Here are just a few of the options you may want to consider.

Easy to Clean Seating

Guests are not always quite as considerate as they should be. That can make clean up after an event more difficult than ever. With the right seating choices, though, it could be a far simpler process with the right seating choices. With easier to clean models on the market today, you can select choices that will not only be comfortable for your guests, but easy to keep clean, ensuring your maintenance staff will be happy, even after the messiest possible crowd.

Weather Resistant

amphitheater seating

Amphitheaters often endure some of the harshest weather conditions month after month, even in the off season, and to make certain that you don’t end up replacing your seats for the next season. There are some amazing choices today that are completely weather resistant, helping to give you the durability you’re looking for, whether rain, hail, or even spring snow happens to come your way.

The Right Options

Seats don’t just have to be seats these days. Instead, you can add an entire range of options to your amphitheater seating to help entice people to book tickets with you for every event. Imagine choosing to build cup holders into your seats. Logos are also a good option. Looking for a way to increase the appeal for a VIP seating area? Consider padded seating options, too. It’s all completely possible when you go with a company willing to customize your seating choices to better meet the needs of your crowd.

The Secret to Success – The Best Equipment

No matter what options you choose to add on to your seats, the real secret to success is selecting the best equipment out there. You want something that will stay with you and create the ideal experience for guests whether it’s a concert or a play. Shop around for the perfect equipment before you make your final selection.


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