The Lake County Animal Control Center provides a wide range of services to Lake County, Illinois residents.  This particular building is used to house stray cats and dogs.  They hired Carroll Seating Company to design this wash area and storage area.  New stray dogs come into this area to get washed and treated by medical staff.  The staff will use both over and under custom cabinets to store the many cleaning supplies and items used for the animals’ health.  Carroll Seating Company installed custom Case Systems plastic laminate cabinets. Because of their concern for cleanliness, they chose stainless steel countertops from Institutional Equipment.  These are easy to keep sanitized and easy to care for.

More About Animal Care and Control (AC&C)

Animal Care and Control (AC&C) is designed to prevent the spread of rabies through vaccinations and education.  They do this through a number of services including: Animal Control Photo

  • Supporting a database of registered dogs and cats
  • Maintaining a lost and found network.
  • Providing spay and neuter assistance to low-income residents of Lake County.
  • Enforce animal control laws, including Lake County Ordinances and Policies, and Illinois Statutes
  • Provide interim shelter and care for stray and unwanted animals and transport to adoption center
  • Investigate complaints of nuisance and/or threatening animals
  • Provide emergency rescue of injured and sick stray animals
  • Investigate incidents of animal bites and/or scratches
  • Observe impounded biting animals
  • Submit specimens to the State of Illinois laboratory for rabies testing
  • Present educational programs to schools and community and civic groups
  • Provide animal control support services to Sheriff and municipal police departments upon request

The team at Carroll Seating was pleased to work on this project with the Lake County Animal Control Center.  For more information about this custom cabinet project, please visit the Carroll Seating website or call us in Elk Grove, IL at 847-434-0909.  For more information about the Animal Care and Control facility, please visit their website or call them at 847-949-9925.