Beautiful casework can mean many things to almost any environment. You get a gorgeous, consistent appearance, functional flexibility, and a design that fits your needs. Casework, though, isn’t limited to today’s biggest offices. Instead, many medical offices and healthcare facilities can benefit just as much from durable casework that is certain to enhance any setting. Carroll Seating Company offers a wide variety of medical casework options that may be perfect for your offices. Take a look.

Enhancing Medical Office Design with Anti-Microbial Surfaces

One worry that many medical offices today have is that they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other infections, so designing your offices with anti-microbial surfaces can be a nice addition to your office with the added protection that such surfaces can provide. We offer 3 different types of anti-microbial surfaces to choose from, and they’re available in a number of different surfaces including plastic laminate, acrylic, and technical ceramic..

The Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Equipment and Cabinets

Stainless steel is often overlooked since its initial cost can be somewhat higher than other materials. However, the benefits of this material are enormous. Durability is a real factor in some offices, and that’s where stainless steel shines brightly. Stainless steel will last for years in this setting and retain its beauty continuously. Another benefit is that because of its stain and corrosion resistance, it can be an ideal choice for medical offices and other locations that demand cleaner conditions.

Other Types of Equipment and Cabinets

In addition to the veneers like, stainless steel and antimicrobial surfaces, Carroll Seating can also provide wood, wood veneer or painted metal equipment and cabinets. These options are less costly and can also provide a much cozier and less sterilized look than many expect in a medical office.

Electronically Adjustable Workstations

Another option for your medical office can be to add in electronically adjustable workstations for your staff. These workstations will reduce workplace injuries, relieve back pain and also improve the productivity of your employees.

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