Shared work surfaces are often a must in today’s increasingly small work areas, but that, in and of itself, creates a problem. They can be a breeding ground for all sorts of issues, including viruses as well as the germs and bacteria that so often cause infections. In an office setting, that means far less productivity. In a lab setting, it’s nothing short of devastating. Is there an answer that doesn’t mean adding a second facility? Absolutely – antimicrobial work surfaces.

AM 1Are They Really Better?

Antimicrobial work surfaces really are far better. They’re designed to help prevent the growth of 99% of the most common forms of bacteria found to inhabit work surfaces including rhinovirus, Staph, and even Pneumonia. Even if you’re currently using one of the many antimicrobial products on the market today to help kill germs on surfaces, you’re just not doing enough. It could take up to ten minutes to fully sanitize a work space from one user to the next. While sanitizing wipes can certainly do the job, do you actually have that much down time in any given day? By completely inhibiting the growth of bacteria and germs in the first place, antimicrobial work surfaces are a far more effective solution.

Perhaps the best part of these surfaces is the level of durability you’ll see. As resistant to surface wear as any other product on the market, you’ll find the perfect way to make your offices or lab look great while still keeping the workspace as clean and healthy as possible.

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