A school locker room can be one of the most unsettling places in the world. You have to change your clothes, do so in the presence of classmates, and leave all your personal items in an often times unsupervised dungeon. This can be pretty scary. This means it is the school’s responsibility to provide safe and comfortable places to change clothes, and often that means better locker rooms (and thus better school lockers).

The Importance of the Safe Locker Room

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you are being looked after in a difficult situation. In a school locker room, this means giving your students privacy and the assurance that they are protected in a vulnerable situation. Regardless of the circumstances, needing to change for a gym class or sport is a difficult thing, and the right gym lockers can help give your students the privacy and security they need.

Maximize Your Layout

When re-doing a school locker room, the first thing to consider is the layout. The lockers should be set in a way that promotes privacy while changing, but also an open floor plan to guarantee people never feel vulnerable. An open locker layout and connected changing stalls are a great way to give students privacy while also having the security of being in a group.

Choose the Right Lockers

With children having more expansive equipment in their pockets than ever before, it is imperative to supply secure lockers. Quality athletic lockers are an extremely important aspect in making sure students actively participate in athletic activities. If they are always worried about their things being stolen or messed with, they are going to be less likely to participate.

The right layout is a very tricky beast to wrangle. You have to worry about providing privacy while also eliminating vulnerability. Carroll Seating Company has immense experience walking this thin line and what’s more, we offer some of most premier equipment available. With us as a resource, you’ll get the perfect locker room every single time.