Lockers aren’t a luxury; they’re a necessity.  Whether it’s at the gym, at school or on the job, you need a safe and secure spot to stash your gear.  The size, shape and style may vary but all lockers do the same job and they need to do it well.  Here are some of the features you should look for in a good quality locker.


Valuables can’t really be safe if they’re stored in a flimsy box.  Pick a brand of locker like DeBourgh that uses only the best materials.  Steel is so strong it’s nearly tamper-proof!

These durable and secure lockers are a great choice no matter where they’re installed.  They work well at health clubs and gym so that wallets stay where they belong.  School books and personal items won’t go home in the wrong backpack with a steel locker.  They’re secure enough to be used in firehouse and even police stations.


Don’t think every lock is built the same.  You can create a custom storage space for personal items, equipment, supplies or any other use you can think up with DeBourgh steel lockers.  You can choose from a range of sizes and configurations.  DeBourgh offers sizes from 12 to 24 inches wide with depths of 12 to 24 inches and heights from 12 all the way to 72 inches tall.  You’re sure to find a configuration that suits your space.


Your basic middle school locker is only one of the many locker styles DeBourgh offers.  The brand covers just about anything you need for a school corridor but they have so many other options to see.  From schools and athletic teams to professional uses, there’s a locker for every need.

In addition to the familiar corridor style, they also have specialty lockers like first responder models with a wider stance and boot storage.  Evidence lockers keep important items secure and the heavy-duty TA-50 is the choice of government agencies and the military.

No matter what you need to secure, DeBourgh has a locker to keep it safe. For more information visit Carroll Seating today.






The Lyons Township High School locker rooms were in need of updating.  School administration hired general contractor Henry Bros Co. for a major school renovation that involved the auditorium, school cafeterias, locker rooms and utility areas. Henry Bros Co. worked with DLA Architects, Ltd and the design team at Carroll Seating to plan a full update their locker rooms.

Here is a photo before:

LTHS Lockers before
LTHS Lockers before

One of the first things the team did was review the space involved.  They needed create a solid traffic flow around the lockers as well as a sense of privacy for the students to change, They decided on DeBourgh Lockers.  These lockers provided the mixed combinations needed to install as many lockers as possible.  Plus, they are made from superior manufacturing using all-welded construction with a state of the art powder coat finish.

Carroll Seating was also asked to customize the locker room benches.  School administration wanted wood benching.  Carroll Seating designed and built these custom milled benches for all of the high school’s locker rooms.

Here’s a photo after installation:

LTHS Lockers After
LTHS Lockers After

The team at Carroll Seating was pleased with the finished outcome of these locker rooms.  The Carroll Seating team hopes that Lyons Township High School will enjoy them for many school years to come. For more information about this locker room project, please visit the Carroll Seating website or call us in Elk Grove, IL at 847-434-0909.