Stadium Seating with Cup HoldersStadium Seats With Cup Holders Are Actually That Important!

A recent article in a local Sacramento media outlet described the brand new Golden 1 Center where the Sacramento Kings will play in the upcoming season. Among the amenities were an innovative sky bridge, cushioned seating, and enhanced Wi-Fi. Despite all this, the article presented one major concern in the upper level seating – a complete lack of cup holders. This article was far from alone, though. A 2014 article on bemoaned the lack of cup holders at Steinbrenner Field for upper level stadium seats. Writer Jonathan Salem Baskin, in quoting a friend who went with him to a game, said, “How do you spend a billion dollars on a big time field, but skimp on the cup-holders?” It seems cup holders may be more important than you thought in your seating options.

Why Cup Holders?

The important question here isn’t why cup holders? The answer there is pretty clear – it’s an amenity we’ve all come to expect no matter where we’re headed. They’re in our cars, in our theaters, even in grocery store shopping carts these days. The more important question here is why not cup holders? The chance to have spectators, fans, and attendees at your venue is a great one, but you can’t spend so much time addressing the other needs of the space that you fail to address the little things people want most. It’s often the little things that play big in a person’s memories of a venue, and if they spend the entire time holding a drink when you could easily have offered them a simple solution like a cup holder, you bet they’re going to remember it.

Fortunately, we can help. At Carroll Seating, many of the options we provide our customers actually come with cup holders as an option. Stadium seating with cup holders? Check. Auditorium seating with cup holders? Check. Portable seating with cup holders? Check there too. Adding cup holders to seating isn’t really as difficult as you might imagine, and one step in the right direction can make all the difference in your ticket sales.