Seating Options Make a Difference

One things is true of every event and venue across the country – the seating makes the difference in many things. Whether the seating influences the ticket price, creates value for the event, enhances the experience or brands your event, it plays a critical role in how your venue is received. In many cases, seating can mean the difference between a great experience or one that a customer will not return to. Take these ideas into consideration and then take a fresh look at your space.

First, give some thought to the kinds of events that you will need seating for. Sports events have a different level of wear and tear on seating than auditorium events will. Are you looking to repair the seating at an existing venue, or are you trying to create a new space for new events? If you are trying to generate interest in a rarely used hall space, then portable solutions may be your best option. Identify two to three key uses for your space and then determine what seating options you will need.

This is especially important for getting multiple uses out of one space. Seating can often make the difference between being able to have a variety of events in one location or being a “one trick pony.” Gyms are a perfect example. Seating along with other sports solutions for a wide variety of choices can increase usability. By simply investing in some divider curtains, wall padding and scoreboards, your gym or rec center can become a multifunctional space with ease.

Make a statement with specialized interior designs. High paying clients at events expect to be treated differently than typical bleachers, so personalized boxes, where possible, not only bring additional revenue in the way of corporate sponsorships, etc., but create a feeling of exclusivity for your clients. Even if you are looking at high quality portable seats on a lower budget, think about creating “ VIP tables” with upholstery and logos that stand in opposition to basic folding metal chairs.

Is your seating ADA-friendly? Today’s modern venues should be ADA compliant, not only because it is the law, but because it gives the opportunity for a wide variety of audiences to enjoy the venue. Customized seating choices can make events more accessible for everyone – growing your revenue and increasing your goodwill in the process.

Brand your space through your seating choices. Think of the fan section at any major stadium. Branding happens in a variety of ways, and your seating choices can be among the best of them. Whether you go for custom colors, create a branded “fan section” or “elite black label” space, don’t overlook the opportunity to create a customized experience that promotes the brand, the franchise or the venue.

Take another look at your space. Where could seating make the difference?

Carroll Seating and Hussey Seating know that adding customized school logos, mascots and emblems to your telescoping bleacher system can enhance school spirit. Using a special process we transform ordinary plain bleachers into the ultimate gymnasium to inspire your students, athletes and community. The designs are permanently bonded ensuring no peeling or scratching. The options for customization are endless: media platforms, end curtains to block unauthorized persons from climbing under the bleachers, colored railings, portable courtside seats. Schools can even use the space as a fundraising opportunity and sell the StepSigns to local business as advertising space.

As your Hussey Seating dealer our design team will work to create the right customizations for your facility, needs and of course budget. Contact our Kansas City design team at 816-471-2929.

Jazzing up your gym is with customized products is an important part of crafting your school’s personality.  It can increase school spirit, build community pride and really fire up your fans.  The right products will improve safety by blocking access to dangerous areas as well as dressing up your bleachers.  You can use a custom accessory package to highlight your sponsors so it might even amp up your fundraising efforts too.

A customized gym is not limited to a painted floor.  You can take your team logo and mascot from the floor, up the walls, across the bleachers and all the way to the ceiling.  Here are just a few options that could take your space from a drab basic gym to a custom coliseum.

If your gym is a little behind the times and needs a total redo, a total custom package is what you need.  This is a top to bottom makeover with all the bells and whistles.  This graphics package will make an impression on all of your guests, no doubt about it!  Imagine an extreme bleacher logo stretching across your bleachers, open or closed.  From the stair risers to the courtside seats, to the bleachers, rails and media platform, every surface can be branded with custom colors and logos.

Not every space needs the head to toe makeover; some just need a little something extra.  The impact of step signs and graphic courtside seat graphics shouldn’t be overlooked nor underestimated.  This is where the eyes of your fans and visitors will land most often so they’re a great place for a little update.  During the game, all eyes are on the court.  It’s only natural to dress that area well and the courtside strip is too often ignored.

All eyes fall on the stair risers, too.  With each step you can emphasize what means most to your team and school.  Your risers could list your core values, display your team’s name or add punch to your spirit message.  Your aisles can do more than just carry feet; they can carry your message.

Those same messages can also help protect your fans and students.  The ends of your bleachers can pose a danger.  It’s an area that often falls victim to vandalism as well.  No one of any age should be able to easily access this area when the bleachers are out.  An easy to install safety end closure curtain can secure this spot with a sense of style.  They attach permanently on old or new bleachers and could serve as a very visible “billboard” for major sponsors.

For the ultimate in game side seating comfort, a seat back is just the thing.  Since they back your team, treat your season ticket holders or boosters to a little backing of their own.  Courtside seating modules, spacers and backrests can be combined to support your fans as much as they support you.  They are ergonomically designed and provide excellent mid-back support.  Spacers provide about 25% more personal space for your guests and that will get people talking.  You can even add cup holders to cut back on spills and make postgame clean-up less of a chore.

Enhancing your courts makes a difference.  It’s time to take a look at the products that are truly game-changers.


Choosing the right bleachers for any area is never an easy task. It can be difficult to decide what might work best in the area, what’s ideal for fans, and what’s going to look amazing. In certain spots, though, reverse fold bleachers might be perfect.

reverse-fold-bleachersWhen They Shine  . . .

Most venues are looking for more recoverable space, and this is the ideal setting for reverse fold bleachers. There are some settings when you need the space behind bleachers for other events and activities. For example, in a school gym, you might be able to use that mezzanine space for batting cages, gymnastics equipment, or even other sports practices. During a game, though, you need that added seating for your patrons. With reverse fold bleachers, both are absolutely possible. Instead of just getting seating or just getting added space, you can have both without the hassle of having to choose between these two important factors.

Special Considerations

It’s important to note that reverse fold bleachers aren’t always going to be the answer. For example, you can typically only have between 18 and 22 rows if you’re going with the reverse fold choice. As they get higher, the floor mounts tend to get a bit more unstable, so you don’t want them too high for safety reasons. They also may not be the right choice in some venues, so talk to a professional before you make any final decisions.

If you’re thinking about reverse fold bleachers, take the time to give us a call today. We’ll be happy to make an on-site inspection to see if reverse fold bleachers might be the right choice in your situation. We can not only match you up with the right product to meet your needs, but also handle the installation! Contact us today to learn more

Your customers demand a higher level of equipment. The last thing you want is second rate products when a potential customer walks through the door. Where do you turn to get better equipment for your gym or club every single day? Performance Sports.

One Step Ahead

Performance-Sports-Carroll-Seating-CompanyPerformance Sports has been working with health clubs and gyms for more than 90 years, so they know what it takes to offer professional-grade equipment to commercial facilities like yours. Everything they have is custom-built to better meet your needs. It always includes a powder-coating, so you get a reliable finish that looks great over the long run. It all meets CPSC safety guidelines and meets LEED requirements for VOC compliance, keeping your gym a little greener.

Choosing Performance Sports also means the right design consultations to help you learn how to do more with your space and a certified service program that will help you maintain your equipment year after year. It’s easily a better experience all the way around. From design, to installation, to service, Performance Sports is definitely the way to go.

Better Equipment, Better Choices

You simply can’t find a better selection than you will with Performance Sports. Whether you’re looking for fantastic basketball equipment, a traveling tournament system, the right volleyball equipment, or even indoor batting cages, Performance Sports has a complete line of choices for every aspect of your gym. Thinking of adding bleachers or even a bike rack outside? Performance Sports can help there too.

With all of the choices you need for your gym or club, you simply won’t look anywhere else for the commercial grade equipment necessary to give your customers and patrons a better experience every time they step through the door of your facility.

To learn more about how to furnish your gym or club with Performance Sports equipment, contact us today.

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