Think back to your school days, from sitting on hard chairs for reading time to walking along the halls in high school. Which words come to mind? We’re guessing “comfort” isn’t one of them! But research shows that the environment in which students are educated has a major impact on learning. A well-planned, comfortable classroom is critical. What kind of K-12 desks and chairs will help kids get comfy – and well-educated!
Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when selecting classroom desks and chairs:

  • K12 desk and chairsSoft padding. It’s a basic, but it can keep students from fidgeting throughout classes.
  • Height. It seems obvious, but choosing appropriate heights is critical. A kindergarten student, for instance, will be comfortable with a seat that measures 12 inches in height. For a high school senior, that chair will turn into a torture device quickly! We can help you select the right fit for kindergarten students through to those much taller seniors.
  • Durability. Unfortunately, schools do not have unlimited budgets. You need to choose products that will stand up to continuous use year after year. Carroll Seating Company uses only the highest-quality materials from respected manufacturers, ensuring you receive desks and chairs that will last.
  • Purpose. The days of straight rows are (in many schools) over. Today’s classrooms are more dynamic: there are different activity stations, areas for collaborative work, work stations for computers, and space for individual or quiet work. What do students in first grade need? How about those in 10th grade? Think about which models will meet those requirements, but at the same time, offer the flexibility educators need to rearrange, regroup, and reenergize their classes.

While desks and chairs often get pushed to the bottom of the budget list, they are essential tools for education. Ensuring greater comfort can facilitate better academic and social results. That’s asking a lot of your furniture – but Carroll Seating will help you deliver.