The right solutions. It’s what every lab in the country wants, but without the right casework, it just isn’t possible. Enter Jamestown Metal Products, today’s premier creator of the steel furniture solutions labs need the most right now. Serving all markets, they have more casework, accessories, and full lab solutions than many others, and they’ve proven themselves to be a trustworthy partner to some very big projects.

A Brief Overview

products_forbocabinetWith a motto like “Trust as Strong as Steel,” this is certainly one company that seems to place service over everything else. They make some of the best steel and stainless steel casework, cabinets, and fume hoods for a variety of applications on a worldwide basis. Their long standing relationships with customers around the world speak to the high level of quality employed by this company. Big contracts with the US government, prestigious universities, and even the White House kitchen have made Jamestown Metal what it is today.

What’s Available Now?

Labs, like many spaces today, are changing fast. The need for casework to change with them is ever present, and Jamestown Metal has met that challenge with style. These days they work to create pieces that work with unique spaces and the needs of today’s labs. They can even help with product conceptualization and prototyping to ensure it’s ideal.

Even in labs where more standard options are needed, Jamestown works hard to make certain the need is met. Lots of finish options to plenty of mobile work tables and a number of work surface options, the company is continually working to innovate the products you need most on an everyday level.

To make the most of your lab, it only takes a call to a certified Jamestown Metal Products dealer like us to ensure you get exactly what you need.

A lab is only as good as the equipment inside. So much of the world of science today relies on the best available technology, and that means top-of-the-line equipment for every theorized application. We’re proud to offer you the equipment and solutions you need with the help of two essential partners: Jamestown Metal Products and CampbellRhea.

Jamestown Metal

The single best known producer of steel classroom-lab-caseworkand stainless steel casework and equipment often found in both lab and educational settings, Jamestown Metal Products has been building a name for itself for decades. With amazing designs and specialty choices, you won’t find better equipment choices than these, no matter what your lab needs. We’re proud to be able to serve you with this amazing catalog of options.


As soon as you enter the world of professional science, you know the name CampbellRhea as the go-to source for all things scientific. From phenomenal choices to effective, functional protection in any lab setting, this is one company you want standing behind you in the lab. Thanks to our work with them, we can offer you equipment and casework that looks as beautiful as it works.

The safety and usefulness of your lab and its projects depend on your ability to have better equipment at your fingertips all of the time. It spells progress. It spells safety for everyone involved. It also spells results, the one thing your lab is going to need to demonstrate again and again to continue.

Let us help. With the right partners, we have the equipment you need to move forward right now. Whether you’re just at the design phase or it’s time for a facelift, we’re here to help. Contact our team today to learn more about how Carroll Seating Company can help to fully equip your lab with all of the right components.

Designing the ideal lab to meet the needs of everyone on your team can be difficult, and a key factor is getting the right casework from the outset. One of the biggest names in the market today is Campbell Rhea, and for good reason. With lots of options available, you’ll get the functionality you need combined with the look you want.

Workspace Choices

Campbell-Rhea-Laboratory-caseworkAs you explore what your ideal workspace might look like, here are a few you may want to consider.

  • Vertex Table: Constructed of powder coated 14-gauge steel tubing, this is perfect in a lab that doubles as a teaching environment. It comes with optional casters, and modesty panels that help to enclose the lift mechanism. Maximum lift capacity here is 500 pounds, and it’s adjustable between 30” and 41”, making it ADA compliant. It comes with four bag hooks, a rod storage area, and an electric outlet and data port raceway.
  • Magnetar: This fully adjustable work center is great for lab or lecture functioning. It offers counter space for four as well as computer access. The work center station has a rotating monitor enclosure. It also comes with a metal storage cabinet with a pull out shelf that’s ideal for the CPU and a printer. The worktop can be adjusted from 30” to 36” while the sink cabinet sits at 34” and comes with cold water and gas fixtures, electrical receptacles, and a drop in sink.
  • Quantum Command Center: This is the ultimate workspace, as it’s as practical and functional as it is convenient. It’s also packed with storage. It has two double-faced storage cupboards that are accessible from both sides. The standard cupboards come with adjustable shelves and the end cabinets have bottom-mounted pullouts. The two end cabinets can be fitted with a variety of shelving options, including a lazy susan. The knee space has a keyboard pullout shelf, and you’ll find pop-up data ports and electrical outlets across the countertop.

Choosing Your Work Surface

While there are a variety of different work surfaces available too, one of the most popular new choices is granite. A good choice in residential settings for years because of its durability, it also works well in the lab setting. It’s resistant to acids and chemicals, and it’s almost impossible to scratch. What’s more, though, is that it won’t stain or blemish the way other materials do. It doesn’t burn or melt in the event of high temperatures and it won’t harbor bacteria or radon. It’s even available in different colors to help match your current casework.

Selecting the ideal casework for your lab means a beautiful work space that everyone can enjoy. Find the perfect pieces before you make your decision.

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