In many environments, the folding chair is nothing short of required equipment. The ideal method of portable, store-able seating, the humble folding chair is perfect for arenas, schools, and offices no matter what the occasion. The simple reality, though, is that it’s not very comfortable. Instead, it’s exactly the opposite – hard, cold, and very, very uncomfortable for anything more than a five minute session. Is there a happy medium? A seating choice that can give your facility the flexibility of a folding chair with a bit more comfort? Absolutely – the upholstered folding chair.

Upholstered folding chairs offer you the same excellent options traditional folding chairs do. They’re incredibly light and portable, and they’re very easy to store. The added bonus with this eating choice, though, is that both the seat and the backrest are padded, offering a level of comfort hard, cold, metal folding chairs just can’t. They come with various cushioning options to help reduce the fatigue and restlessness that so often accompanies the long periods of sitting in standard folding chairs.

Fortunately, though, they’re just as tough and long lasting as any other choice on the market. What’s more, though, is that you can add a number of different options. Consider vinyl or fabric upholstery. You may also want to emboss the chair backs or even add options to help connect the chairs when you’re working to create a perfect layout for a larger grou p. No matter what you want to do with these chairs, we help make it possible.

Available in a number of different colors and styles, upholstered folding chairs are the ideal solution for your facility. Whether you cater to students, large groups who need to fill an arena, or something completely different, our upholstered folding chairs can help you find the best of both worlds. Contact us today to learn more.

You have a unique chance right now. You can make your facility a far better space than any other in your region. Not sure how to do it? There are many ways to achieve your goal, but one of the best is to invest in fantastic portable seating options that will help your facility seem as flexible as it is relevant.

Portable Seating Redefined

Portable seatingPortable seating has changed as much as everything else in today’s world. No longer is the idea of portable seating defined by ugly, uncomfortable folding chairs that make seating possible anywhere, but virtually guarantee that it will be uncomfortable no matter where you put it. If patrons will be attending an event that lasts for any length of time, the discomfort is sure to make your facility look bad. Fortunately, yesterday is not today. Now you have a number of other choices that can make portable seating just as comfortable as you other options. Take a look at three choice you can make to ensure your portable seating is beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

  1. Go For Padding: Premium portable seating offers contour foam and suspension options that mean real comfort is just around the corner. It’s great for VIPs and others who need something more than a hard metal folding chair. Various levels and types of padding are available too, so no matter how soft you want your seats to be, you can certainly find a selection that will meet your needs.
  2. Accessorize: Think portable seats all have to look the same? Think again. There are a number of different accessories you can add to your seats including arm rests, upholstered in the standard style or the waterfall style, cup holders, and even tablet arms to help with your facility’s flexibility. You could also go with ganging options to keep chairs together, and even frame trim to make sure your seats are more beautiful than you’d ever imagined.
  3. Appearance Matters: Looking to ensure your chairs really shine? Consider adding a custom logo to the chairs. Whether you go with a team, the name of your company, or even sponsor names, custom logos are a great way to show off your facility’s loyalties and help enhance the overall look of the chairs.

Venues have to be increasingly savvy to attract the right visitors, and the portable seating of yesterday certainly isn’t going to be a selling point for your organization. Explore your portable seating options, then contact us to learn more about how we can make your facility shine with something as simple as great portable seating throughout.

Durable, comfortable chairs that meet the needs of your space is an absolute must, and for many, steel portable seating fits that bill exactly. Finding the right choice, though, may seem a bit more complex. Here are a few tips that will help you find the ideal seating choice for your space. high quality portable seating and folidng chairs

  • Do You Need Durable Choices? Carefully evaluate your needs before you choose the best steel portable seating. While chairs that are simply going to be stored as a backup seating option may not see much use, those that will be courtside game after game certainly will. Understanding exactly how your seating might be used will help you select the ideal choice for your use and for your budget.
  • Do You Need Upholstered Choices? Depending on your facility, you may want to consider a plush foam or even an upholstered steel chair to help give you a professional look standard steel chairs simply can’t. Folding chairs don’t have to be quite so average these days. It’s easier than ever to dress up your facility simply with your chair choice.
  • Do You Need Accessories? There are a variety of accessory choices available in the world of portable seating. Whether you need something a bit bigger than the average seat or you want to go with a tablet arm, cup holders, or even custom logos, it’s all very available with Carroll Seating Company.

Portable steel seating is perfect when you’re looking for real flexibility in an environment, but making the perfect selection can be difficult at times. Make sure you examine all of your options before you settle on any seating choice for your facility. Carroll Seating Company can help. With a wide range of options designed for any facility, you’ll find exactly what you need for your visitors. Contact us today to learn more.

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