Whether you are preparing to re-outfit a school cafeteria, the staff kitchen in an office building, or a large scale eating area of a hospital, you have to consider many different variables in order to make the wisest selections for those you intend to serve.

Keeping Things Clean One of the biggest concerns that we have expressed to us over and over again, as clients prepare to renovate eating spaces, is cleanliness. After all, one wants to be sure that the investment made isn’t going to be destroyed by the hundreds of hands and mouths that will be hovering about their surfaces. Carroll Seating has made an effort to choose the sleekest, harder surfaces, in order to ensure that you, the end user, are able to quickly and efficiently wipe them down at the end of the day.

Ensuring Comfort A clean surface is great, but when people are forced to essentially sit on top of each other, or must hunch over in order to reach the meal before them, the experience is far from enjoyable. It is important to get enough seating to accommodate the rush that will come through at the busiest part of the day. Furthermore, be sure that you carefully look at the seating height, to be sure that a person will be a comfortable level in comparison with the table top.

Maximizing Space While you don’t want people sitting on top of each other, and you want to be sure that you have enough seating for rush hour, you also don’t want to overcrowd the area, so people aren’t able to easily navigate through the room. Rather than cutting back on seating, consider the various table options and how those can be mixed and matched to maximize the space.

Maneuverability Carroll Seating has served many clients who are determined to have their furniture bolted to the floor, but before you make the decision to invest in that sort of permanent arrangement, carefully consider the space. Will this area ever be needed for some other type of function? For instance, school cafeterias can often multifunction, providing space for after school activities, special gatherings, or summer planning sessions. It is often nice to be able to fold up tables, stack chairs, and clear the area so it can be used for these others reasons. Many of the seating options are built to stay put, so there is no worry about a chair being picked up, moved or abused. Yet, these same pieces can be easily folded and maneuvered up against a wall or into storage, if the space has to be temporarily reconfigured.

Durability And, last, but certainly not least, when it comes to selecting new cafeteria furniture is the durability factor. The longevity of a piece is important when it comes to protecting the bottom line. While you can get very cheap furniture pieces, it is often worth investing a little more up front. There are many options that will last decades with very little care, which means that this one time investment can save you a great deal over the long term.

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