Thanks to a number of high profile incidents in recent years, new guidelines have been issued with regard to both indoor and outdoor bleachers. They must not only be more carefully constructed and installed than ever, but even existing bleachers must now be inspected annually. While these guidelines may seem a bit difficult to abide by, the reality is that fan safety has to play a role in the upcoming basketball season, and bleacher inspection should be a big part of that.


The CPSC Guidelines

The CPSC has set forth a number of guidelines to help guide bleacher inspection. Facilities now have to provide routine inspection and maintenance at least twice each year as recommended by the manufacturer. When it comes to operating bleachers, only trained personnel are allowed to open and close them. Students should certainly be kept away from them. Guard rails also have to be part of your safety plan with bleachers, as they not only help keep fans from falling, but they’re a good indicator that the bleachers are completely extended. In the event that bleachers need quite a bit of work after an annual inspection, the CPSC has said that replacement instead of retrofitting is the preferred way to go.

Who Can Handle the Inspection?

Not just anyone should handle your bi-annual bleacher inspection. Instead, you need to move forward with the help of a licensed, professional engineer, a registered architect, or a company qualified to provide bleacher products and services. They should not only carefully inspect the bleachers, but also offer you written certification that they’re fit for use.

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