If you have bleachers, you know the importance of regular inspections. Without them, you could have a headline-splashing tragedy on your hands in a hurry. Even if tragedy doesn’t occur, regular maintenance means a longer life for your bleachers without stressing all of the components that are so necessary for stronger functionality. A big part of maintenance in many areas is replacing various parts, but where do you turn when you need the parts and hardware to keep your bleachers safe and functioning well? Carroll Seating Company.

Bleachers in need of repair
Bleachers in need of repair

A Different Approach
While you can likely order parts that may take weeks to arrive from some questionable reseller online to help maintain your bleachers, Carroll Seating Company takes a very different approach. For decades, we’ve been helping organizations just like yours install and maintain their bleacher systems, and whether you’ve worked with us before or you’ve had other companies in, we can help. We provide certified inspections to help ensure you’re maintaining code compliance, and we’ll even be happy to make any repairs to issues we find during inspection. Additionally, our warehouse stocks hundreds of common replacement parts that ship out within forty-eight hours of your order. If necessary, we’ll be happy to obtain any parts for you that we don’t currently stock. We’ll even come install them, ensuring you have the safe, reliable seating you need for your patrons.

Bleacher safety is an  absolute must in today’s society, but it can be difficult to maintain systems on your own. Find a partner who can help. Carroll Seating Company would be proud to be that partner. Give us a call today to set up an inspection or simply to discuss your bleacher safety options. We’ll be happy to advise you on all of your options and ensure you get exactly what you need.

Thanks to a number of high profile incidents in recent years, new guidelines have been issued with regard to both indoor and outdoor bleachers. They must not only be more carefully constructed and installed than ever, but even existing bleachers must now be inspected annually. While these guidelines may seem a bit difficult to abide by, the reality is that fan safety has to play a role in the upcoming basketball season, and bleacher inspection should be a big part of that.


The CPSC Guidelines

The CPSC has set forth a number of guidelines to help guide bleacher inspection. Facilities now have to provide routine inspection and maintenance at least twice each year as recommended by the manufacturer. When it comes to operating bleachers, only trained personnel are allowed to open and close them. Students should certainly be kept away from them. Guard rails also have to be part of your safety plan with bleachers, as they not only help keep fans from falling, but they’re a good indicator that the bleachers are completely extended. In the event that bleachers need quite a bit of work after an annual inspection, the CPSC has said that replacement instead of retrofitting is the preferred way to go.

Who Can Handle the Inspection?

Not just anyone should handle your bi-annual bleacher inspection. Instead, you need to move forward with the help of a licensed, professional engineer, a registered architect, or a company qualified to provide bleacher products and services. They should not only carefully inspect the bleachers, but also offer you written certification that they’re fit for use.

Let Carroll Seating Company help you meet these guidelines. Contact us today to enroll in our maintenance and safety inspection program for all of your indoor and outdoor seating.

Outdoor seating has gotten a bit of a black eye over the past several years. Thanks to a number of wind incidents, storms, and a variety of other accidents, outdoor bleacher safety is a fairly hot topic these days. Whether you’re an athletic facility, a concert venue, or something completely different, the last thing you want is to put your patrons and entertainers or athletes in danger, so both choosing the right outdoor seating solutions and performing regular maintenance on your existing seating is a must.

Selecting the Right Outdoor Bleachers
Selecting the right outdoor bleachers is the first step to maintaining a safe environment. You should consider capacity, available space, and sightlines as you develop the right outdoor seating plan. Remember that outdoor bleachers don’t simply have to be hard metal benches anymore. Instead you can customize your solution with backrests, various colored powered coats, and even customized seating arrangements that will make your area work for almost any event. There are even press boxes you can choose to sit on top of your bleachers. 
outdoor bleacher seating, Carroll Seating
The key to getting the right ones for you is to talk carefully with the company you’re considering. You want to let them know about your needs as well as your safety concerns at the outset. There are all sorts of different solutions to consider, from tip and roll bleachers (ideal for pools and other venues where bleachers may need to be moved) to customized grandstands. Talking with your company about exactly what you want will help you design the perfect solution from the outset. 

Bleacher Safety
Even after you select great outdoor bleachers, proactive maintenance is going to be an ongoing need. It will help you lower your long term costs, and it could ensure you reduce your accident levels, as well as any legal risks you may face from those potential accidents. You need to not only take into account the general safety of those who may be using your bleachers, but also whether or not they’re in compliance with local and state codes. Don’t forget to document all of your inspections and repairs carefully, and if your seating company suggests any aftermarket products to protect your investment, you should certainly consider it. 

Outdoor bleachers can be the perfect place to cheer for the home team, but quality seating has to be part of the equation. Make the right choice at the outset, then maintain it well.

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