If the next season is on your mind, it might be time to start thinking about getting your bleachers in shape for what’s to come. At Carroll Seating Company, we can handle all of your bleacher needs as well as bleacher seating parts and repairs whether you’re in the middle of a season or you’re just trying to get ready for the next one. From inspections to maintenance and more, we have the experience and the trained professionals to help meet your needs.

It All Starts with an Inspection

Understanding just how safe your bleachers currently are is the key to knowing whether you need bleacher replacement parts or even new bleachers. We’ll be happy to handle all of your inspections for gym or outdoor bleachers. At the end of each inspection, we offer comprehensive reporting to help you document what needs to be done and stay on top of code compliance.

Moving to Repair

After our inspection, should the understructure of your bleachers require any repair, we’ll be right there to help. You can turn to us for parts for repairing bleachers like missing and damaged casters, interlocking clip repair, and anchoring. We’re here to help your organization create the safest possible environment for fans and players alike, and we can either order the parts for you or handle the entire repair.

New Systems

Should you decide that you’d rather not buy bleacher seating parts because you’re ready to upgrade the entire system, we’re here to meet your needs there as well. We work with the best manufacturers in the business to provide you with many high quality options that will leave your fans comfortable and your venue looking amazing.

If bleacher repair is on your mind, contact us today for all of your repair and replacement needs!