School seating

Best School Computer Desks

The best school computer desks are those that facilitate learning and help the students and teacher connect with technology.  They need to function and they need to last, even under the rigorous conditions of hours of use.  A little form should follow the function, too.  Style shouldn’t be ignored just because something is used in […] Read More

Food Court Seating Rules

Food court seating is all about maximizing seating space without compromising personal space.  It’s not an easy task, even for a professional designer.  If you’re an industry outsider tasked with planning a break room or similar space, it can seem overwhelming at first.  Trust a professional company like Carroll Seating to teach you the rules […] Read More

Palmer-Hamilton Cafeteria Solutions: The Right Choice

School cafeterias must serve many roles these days. They’re no longer simply spaces for eating and socializing in the middle of the day. Now they often serve additional purposes outside of lunchroom meals. In some cases, they must be storage space. In others, they serve as additional classroom space. With so many different roles to play, […] Read More

Choosing the Best K12 Desks and Chairs

When you think back to your school days, whether sitting on a carpet to listen to your kindergarten teacher read a story or trudging through the halls in high school, which words come to mind? We’re sure you have a long list – and that “comfort” is not high on it. Research shows, however, that […] Read More

What to Consider When Choosing K-12 Desks and Chairs

Think back to your school days, from sitting on hard chairs for reading time to walking along the halls in high school. Which words come to mind? We’re guessing “comfort” isn’t one of them! But research shows that the environment in which students are educated has a major impact on learning. A well-planned, comfortable classroom […] Read More

The Benefits of Mitchell Cafeteria Seating and Folding Tables

Building the perfect cafeteria setting is never easy. After all, just the word cafeteria evokes all sorts of odd memories in people, and most of them aren’t very positive. Setting the right mood, though, can help change that perception, and often that starts with great seating options. At Carroll Seating Company, we’re proud to carry […] Read More

Is It Time to Update Your Outdoor Seating?

Even if your outdoor seating system has served you well in the past, all good things must come to an end at some point. When is the end of outdoor seating and what are your options for replacement? Do some exploration now. The End is Near You may realize that it’s time to update or replace […] Read More

Getting More From Your Cafeteria Tables and Chairs

If you’re like many school districts these days, getting the most from the equipment you already have on hand is an absolute priority. The numbers just aren’t there to continually buy new equipment, and students today are anything but gentle with what you already have. Nowhere is this more true than in the cafeteria, but […] Read More

Carroll Seating for All of Your School Seating Needs

Almost every space in your school needs a good seating option. Take a moment to do a quick mental inventory. Despite the fact that every classroom in your building may have a different function, all of them need both a place to sit and a place to work. From traditional desks and chairs to lab […] Read More

Looking for a New Cafeteria Design? Look to Mitchell

There are lots of great brands when it comes to cafeteria and folding tables, but few could be as dynamic as Mitchell. With the phenomenal ability to offer more seating in areas you previously thought limited, Mitchell is the way to move forward. The Mitchell Advantage One of the best aspects about Mitchell is that […] Read More