Palmer-Hamilton Cafeteria Solutions: The Right Choice

Local Cafeteria Seating Company for Schools and HospitalsSchool cafeterias must serve many roles these days. They’re no longer simply spaces for eating and socializing in the middle of the day. Now they often serve additional purposes outside of lunchroom meals. In some cases, they must be storage space. In others, they serve as additional classroom space. With so many different roles to play, the right solutions for storage, seating, and more are a must, and when you need the perfect cafeteria solution, there’s only one name we recommend – Palmer Hamilton.

Innovative Beauty
Even in cases where cafeterias are just used to serve food, setting the right tone for students is essential, and good furnishings can do just that. Palmer Hamilton has a unique corner on the market there. Their tables and food court style seating isn’t just useful for the multi-functional needs of today’s cafeterias, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous. Eye catching and durable, it’s all completely customizable, so adding logos to the tables that feature mascots and motivational quotes is never a problem.

A Variety of Options
The other real benefit of Palmer Hamilton is the number of options available to schools. The traditional cafeteria tables are certainly a choice, and there are a range of possibilities there. From standard bench tables to a variety of shapes and those that come with stools, standard cafeteria tables don’t have to look quite like they once did. If you need something a bit different like food court style seating, Palmer Hamilton can help there too with booths, free standing tables, and even comfortable lounge furniture for a corner area of your cafeteria.

What’s going to work for your school cafeteria? We can help you find the right solution. With our design services and Palmer Hamilton’s catalog of options at your fingertips, we’ll create the perfect space to reflect the needs of your school.