Choosing the right locker material for your facility can be difficult. With so many different options available today, understanding which one is the right choice for you is complex. Many are going with stainless steel lockers in a variety of different settings today, but are they a good option for you? Explore the benefits of this locker material.

  • Damage Resistant: Joplin HS lockers 3In many environments, lockers are subject to high levels of use and, sometimes, abuse. Stainless steel choices, though, give you the durability you need to ensure your lockers look good year after year.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Metal is usually susceptible to rust, but stainless steel is different, even in high moisture areas like locker rooms or kitchens. This remarkable resistances means you get a beautiful set of lockers, no matter what the environment around them.
  • Fire-Resistant: Just as stainless steel can resist damage and corrosion, it can often hold its own for some time against a fire, so despite the heat and intensity of the flames, you’ll get great performance from your new lockers.
  • Variety of Configurations: As with almost any other locker type, stainless steel lockers come in several different configurations to help meet your needs. Single, double, or triple, stainless steel lockers help ensure your patrons have the necessary space available.
  • Budget Friendly: There’s one other thing stainless steel lockers can resist – draining your budget. While some lockers come with enormous price tags, stainless steel choices can often help keep the entire cost of the project lower than you’d planned, ensuring you get exactly what you want at a great price.

Whether you’ve settled on stainless steel lockers already or you simply want to explore your options, contact us today to learn more. We’ll put you in touch with a dedicated project manager who will walk you through the choices available for your facility so you have the information you need to select the right material for your lockers. To learn more, pick up the phone and call us today.