There is nothing better than the opening day of baseball season! The great American pastime has generational connections to the stadium, the team and the experience. In fact, as any baseball fan can tell you, the experience is the best part. Going to the stadium, getting great seats, buying a hot dog and wearing team colors are often what bring back the best memories, whether the team won their season or not. Is your baseball seating up to date? Take a few moments to consider how you could bring a better experience to the fans.

Flexibility, reliability and value are key components of baseball seating. After all, you want audiences to enjoy this seating for years to come, not to continue to do costly repairs. With the seating comes ease of cleaning, as every event brings a significant amount of trash. Outdoor grandstands and bleachers must be put in to accommodate the excitement of the audience as well as the harshest weather.

Consider whether your seating is ADA compliant, so that audiences of all kinds can enjoy the event. Whether it comes to sight lines or spacing, creating customized seating is the best way to ensure that you have something to offer for every kind of audience.

Of course, no seating is complete without a designated fan section, and the colors, backrests and seating capabilities will ensure that the fans get into the spirit of the game, whether it is opening day or a tournament. Don’t forget about that locker room. Are the lockers in sufficient condition? Do you have enough seating in the room?

Ultimately, seating in a venue is designed to bring a project to a wide variety of audiences. The kind of world-quality seating that Carroll provides can make any event extraordinary.