Investing in new wall padding for your gym is an absolute must to help protect your athletes. Simply purchasing the first option you see, though, just won’t work. Instead, a bit more effort needs to go into your selection. Consider this:

  • Your Wall Padding Has to Be a Perfect Fit: blog2 No two gyms are the same, and it can be tough to get the right fit for yours. Work with a company that offers custom measuring solutions to help ensure you get the fit you need. Don’t forget to ask about custom configurations to work around doors, outlets, and other features of your gym.
  • Your Wall Padding Has to Be Safe: There are lots of wall padding options out there, but not all of them will protect your athletes. Don’t go for the flimsy stuff just because it leaves a little wiggle room in your budget. Instead, select wall pads that are made for maximum protection.
  • You Need Help: You may need installation help. You may need service and support. You may need help instantly or you may need help in a year. Sooner or later, though, you’re going to have a question or concern, and you’ll need a team to turn to who has been there over the years for facilities just like yours. Select only a provider who will be there again and again, no matter what you need.
  • Your Wall Padding Has To Look Amazing: Think you have to go with something boring for your wall padding? Think again. From bright colors to logos and other sources of inspiration, your wall padding can enhance the entire look of your facility, so don’t choose anything that won’t do exactly that and allow you to imagine the design possibilities.

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