Choosing seating for any crowd event can be difficult. Whether it’s a soccer game, a concert, or a circus, bleachers are traditionally the best and most efficient seating mechanisms around. However, there are a few different types of bleachers you can consider purchasing for your venue or field. Perhaps one of the best options is the freestanding bleacher.

Unless it’s a huge environment, like a commercial baseball stadium, chances are that it is used for many different purposes. Due to this, seating may have to be frequently rearranged. Freestanding bleachers can easily be moved around to accommodate many different events than some other types. Additionally, there is far more flexibility with these in terms of seating dynamics. For example, if the event is a soccer game, chances are that no field administrator would advise putting bleachers behind the goals, since this is where the ball is most likely to strike. However, at a track meet, it might be advantageous to put them all around the field. In this manner, freestanding bleachers can create a much better viewing experience due to their nature.

Another great benefit of freestanding bleachers is that they do not promote property decimation. Traditional bleachers, nailed down in one place, will make certain parts of your property non-conducive to grass growing and will encourage rodents and snakes to make homes under your bleachers. By having freestanding bleachers that can be moved to various locations, you can regularly clean under them very easily, and you can move them around throughout the year to ensure that your grass can stay green and your property can stay intact.

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