School space is at an absolute premium these days. With more students than ever and seemingly less and less money, finding the level playing field gets harder all of the time. More space would help, right? Is it actually possible to find that without converting the janitorial closets into administrative offices? Actually, yes. Your next space saving campaign could start with telescoping gym bleachers.

Aren’t They Uncomfortable?

telescopic seatingFor schools that don’t already have telescoping bleachers, the biggest concern is lack of comfort for patrons and students during games, events, and assemblies. Sure, the hard wooden options of decades ago really weren’t that comfortable, but today’s choice certainly have those beat. With options like added row spacing, tapered sections, custom rises, and foldable platform chairs, these aren’t the bleachers you’re used to.

Aren’t They Harder to Use?

Today’s telescoping bleacher systems are easier to use than ever before. In fact, you can automate the entire process. At the touch of a button, the seating can automatically fill the right space. Touch it again and it retracts for added space. It just doesn’t get easier than that.

How Do They Look?

These seating choices look exactly like you want them to. Customized to fit your space exactly, you can add all sorts of features to help enhance the entire look of your gym. Add your mascot to help cheer your team on. Consider end-closure curtains. Think about doing the entire gym in your school colors. Sure, standard, hard wood bleachers were once the only option you had, but now you can be as colorful as you’d like to be.

To learn more about how we can give your gym a little more space with telescoping bleachers, give us a call today, and explore just how much you can do with that extra space!