The best casework is as beautiful as it is functional, and nowhere does that need to be more true than in the world of student housing. Student housing these days is changing fast. What was once a fairly simple concept gets more intricate every year as colleges and universities try to attract students to their housing facilities. Students are often used to living in their own rooms with direct access to their own kitchens, so moving into a dorm environment where there may be up to four people to a room with little access to options like kitchens is a tough sell. As a result, more higher education institutions are working to make those dorms seem just a bit more like home, providing even single person rooms and kitchen areas for just a few people at a time. It helps to make students feel a little more at home and keeps them on campus longer.

The Casework

200395566-001A big part of this shift on the part of colleges, though, is creating the right atmosphere and environment, and good casework is part of that. Often it demands a beautiful, customized solution, not an off-the-shelf product that’s available just anywhere. Students typically need a durable work surface, among other things. They typically need closet spaces, vanities, and desk areas. In some cases, a kitchen counter is a must, as is cabinetry to hold kitchen gear. The best dorms also come with security desks, mail rooms, and more.

Choosing the first cut-rate product available, though, simply won’t do for today’s generation of students. Instead, aesthetics must combine with functionality. After all, with so many different housing choices on the market for today’s very mobile students, creating an attractive living space is as important as creating a convenient one is.

Today’s colleges and universities must think about that beauty in conjunction with durability that will hold up month after month, year after year, student after student. Working with the right company has to be part of the equation. The ideal company will not only provide solutions from some of the best known casework brands out there today, but they’ll also provide the level of turnkey support that most institutions find so necessary. From the early design stages to the actual installation and service phase, finding that one company who can handle everything is typically the best way to save time and money when it comes to casework in the world of student housing.

Student housing certainly isn’t what it once was, and it’s not headed back into that territory any time soon. Beautiful casework can help provide a better dorm environment that will prove attractive for students in the years to come.


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