Lecture room tables aren’t something you often consider as an extensive market. After all, there just aren’t very many choices when it comes to tables for a lecture room, right? Try again. There are far more choices than you can imagine in lecture room table choices today, and if you’re redesigning the lecture halls on your campus, checking in with us is a great first start.

The right workspace in a lecture room can really be placed in two different categories – tables and chairs. Tables are those with separate chairs or swing away setting, but they’re shared spaces that are used by many students. If you don’t have quite enough space for tables or the room itself isn’t quite laid out correctly to support fixed tables, you may want to consider seating with tablet arms so every student still has the space necessary to learn.

Fixed Tables

Wondering what your options are with fixed tables? It’s a fairly big group. Start by thinking about size. Do you want one long table in each row? Do you need an aisle up the middle? After you decide on the right size to meet your needs, it’s time to think about finish. Paint and polymer finishes are a fairly safe, traditional choice, but you could also consider a wood or laminate finish. There are even great custom fabric finishes that work well in certain settings. One other note you may want to think about while you’re considering the surface – think about adding power and data ports to your space. The perfect way for students to plug in during a lecture, you can either add pop up spaces or under the table spaces designed for laptops, tablets, and smartphones so students can interact during class sessions. Your final consideration in this arena is the type of seating that might work for you. From swing away choices to simple rolled chairs, look at how the room will be used to decide on the chair that might work well for your tables.

Fixed Seating

Tables, though, aren’t the only way to go in a lecture hall. Often fixed seating is also a good option. From beam seating to individual spaces, there are as many choices here as there are in the world of tables. Perhaps you want the tablet arm to swing away. Maybe you’d prefer that it stays in one position. From the color of the chairs and tablet arms to the covering itself, you have options here to make certain you’re meeting both the physical needs of students as well as the aesthetic needs of the space.

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