The Waubonsee Community College physics labs classrooms were in need of updating. School administration hired general contractor Lite Construction for a major school renovation that a new Field House, renovations to Erickson Hall and other construction as part of Waubonsee’s 2020 College Master Plan. Lite construction worked with the design team at Carroll Seating to plan the update to their physics labs in Weigel Hall on the Sugar Grove campus.

The team at Carroll Seating was pleased with the finished outcome of these new physics labs. The school decided on new science casework, table tops and shelving manufactured by Institutional Casework. The Carroll Seating team hopes that Waubonsee Community College students and faculty will enjoy them for many school years to come. For more information about this lab renovation project, please visit the Carroll Seating website or call us in Elk Grove, IL at 847-434-0909.