Trying to design the perfect lecture room to meet your needs? The standard design may not work any longer. Today’s students and professionals alike are all a savvier brand, and they don’t like what’s come before them. Engaging them, then, is going to mean much more than yesterday’s lecture room. These tips can help you design the ideal room to meet your needs.

  • Collaboration, Sleek-Lecture-Seating Anyone? A lecture room may be for lectures, but collaboration is a must in many different settings these days, and that’s as true in a lecture room as it is anywhere else. Making that possible through the right seating choices is certainly possible, but you may have to do a little searching to find the perfect table and chairs to meet your needs.
  • Lots of Seating! Lecture rooms aren’t always going to be in use by the same group of people. In some cases, you may need to house much more than your standard capacity, and if that’s a possibility, you want to go with comfortable seating for anyone who might appear in your lecture room for a given occasion. You’ll need flexible seating choices that give all participants a great view.
  • Comfort Is a Must! You can’t simply stick with the traditional uncomfortable lecture seats in every setting. Instead, you may want unique, form fitting choices, like many of the best office chairs on the market today. How might that be possible in a lecture room? Just go with the fixed table choice instead of the attached chairs. It means ADA compliance and every participant gets the most comfortable seat in the house.

As you search for the right non-traditional solutions for your lecture room, let us help. With decades of experience in designing the perfect seating solutions to meet your needs, Carroll Seating is the only place to turn for all of your lecture hall needs. Contact us today to learn more.