A huge problem in today’s seating market is a lack of respect for the customer. For too long, we have all seen advertising promising the “lowest liquidation prices” of the year. However, these companies often do not stand behind their products. This leads to no accountability for furniture or seating quality. Likewise, these companies continue to woo naïve customers into buying their products, but they are gone when the consumer needs support. 
customer service, Carroll Seating
Luckily, Carroll Seating is different from most seating companies. We stand behind our furniture one-hundred percent. As a matter of fact, we service our own seating, offer parts for our furniture, and even do repairs on our own furniture! This way, if your seating ever breaks or is subjected to excess force, you will know you have a technician specially trained in repairing your furniture! 

If your purchase anything from Carroll Seating and there is an issue, you can either call or email a factory certified technician with any issues you may have. The number is even toll-free in order to ensure that you do not pay for the basic support every consumer deserves. 

If your problem cannot be resolved with an email exchange or even a series of phone calls, Carroll Seating is one of the few companies that provides its own complete repair service with factory certified technicians. 

Rather than being forced to simply purchase new furniture due to either the inexistence of technicians for your furniture or the sheer expense of the technician’s fees, Carroll Seating provides very reasonably priced fixes that can greatly improve the longevity of our furniture in your institution.

While we can provide the minor and major repair services for your furniture as discussed above, we also can provide service for any state or county mandated inspections for entities such as bleachers in sports stadiums. 

After purchasing from any of our illustrious lines, you will be able to email us for inspection questions, requests, and help. Additionally, if you feel that you are competent in seating repairs, we also sell individual parts for furniture.

Our philosophy is that since you paid for quality, you deserve quality for the long-lasting life of your seating. That is why we take every last opportunity to ensure that you get the best quality care, parts, support, and service from our well trained staff.