How important are bleachers at sporting events? Just as the members of The Cubs baseball organization, which has recently seen the opening of a large section of renovated bleachers. The left and center field sections had been closed to the public, while crews worked to install the new and improved seating. Now, though, there is more seating, upgraded concession areas, plus additional standing-room only areas. The team and the Wrigley Field staff are thrilled, as is the public, who were quick to fill in the new sections of bleachers. There will even be a special event, coming soon, to celebrate the new improvements.

While it might not be necessary to go through such fanfare over new bleachers on a school field, bleachers are generally a welcomed addition to such atmospheres. In fact, some schools have so fully embraced the idea of incorporating new seating that they have crafted community building events around the installations. Mercer is a school in Michigan, and there you will currently find students of the technological education classes  busy installing new bleachers. The seating will surround the local baseball field, and will provide spectators will a great view of the games. The town’s park committee purchased bleacher kits, which must be assembled. In exchange for the students’ labor, the school will receive new tools for future projects like this one. More importantly, the supervisors hope that the effort will instill community spirit in the students.

The truth is, that is what bleachers do – they bring communities together. As the fans cheer on sons, daughters, brothers, grandkids, and friends, they are bonding with each other over the game. All of that takes place in the bleachers. It is when the seating cannot accommodate the crowds, or when the bleacher systems are too old to be deemed safe by spectators that the sport loses some of its appeal. If that sounds familiar, then perhaps it is time for your organization to follow in the footsteps of Wrigley Field… or, at least, consider a project like that taking place in Michigan.

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