When people file into auditoriums, it’s the shows they are excited to see: the plays, the musicals, the concerts, the performances. Whether they are there to cheer on a family member dance or watch a world-renowned composer lead a full orchestra, the last thing they are thinking about is the seats. But if they are old and uncomfortable, it will be all they can think about during the show. You can update an old auditorium – and ensure patrons come back again and again – with new seating.

rehab auditoriumGive Old Buildings New Charm, Beauty, and Comfort with New Seating

We’ve all been to theaters and auditoriums that have clearly seen better days. Dingy, worn, uncomfortable. Even if we’re seeing the same show, it casts a pall over the whole event. Old auditoriums, though, often have wonderful architectural features and charm that new buildings can’t match.

You can have your theater and your popcorn too! Updating the seating is arguably the most effective way to bring new light to old buildings. It significantly enhances the aesthetic quality of the space and provides every patron with “the best seat in the house” – no matter where they’re sitting.

If your auditorium features lectures, demonstrations, workshops, presentations, and other interactive performances, your new seating can also encompass data and power. Participants can power up and connect to the information they need. This not only keeps them engaged, it reflects well on your establishment.

You needs may be more simple: comfortable seating that looks great. We can help you with that too. Whether you need to coordinate with your brand or décor colors, want to incorporate your logo, or would like special detailing, Carroll Seating Company can deliver the look and feel you want. More importantly, we can help you deliver the look and feel your customers want.